Breakout Liverpool, The Detective Office

One of the things we have really missed over the last year and a half is date nights. John and I love heading out but not for the usual trip to a restaurant or cinema, we love doing something different. One of our favourite things to do is an escape room. We have visited quite a few escape rooms and also played lots of escape room games at home. We recently played our first Breakout room in a long while, The Detective Office. 

Breakout Liverpool

The Detective Office
Oh no! A dear detective friend of ours has been murdered. As we were the last people to see him alive there is a warrant for our arrest. We are definitely not the killers but we must prove our innocence and find out the real killer. We have managed to sneak in to the building where the detectives office is and we know that all the officers will leave for a one hour lunch. We have an idea that our friend the detective would have left clues to help us solve the mystery of his murder, who the killer is and prove our innocence.  We manage to sneak in to the detectives office, shut the door and we have just 60 minutes to find out who the killer is and escape arrest. 

Once inside the room you can expect to find lots of locks which need to be opened by key, numbers or codes. The idea is you search high and low to try and find clues which might help to solve the puzzles and escape. 

There is a large TV on the wall which will show the clock. This will count down from 60:00 to the time you escape or to 0:00 if you don't manage to break out.

The screen will also offer you clues if you are stuck. It will get your attention by playing a sound. While we were inside we found a key which we were certain opened a specific lock but it didn't. We got a message on the screen to let us know it was the right lock and to keep trying giving it a little wiggle. 

The Detective Office is rated 3 out of 5 for difficulty. We haven't tried a 4 out of 5 yet...maybe next time. 

Each Breakout room is suitable for 2-5 people. Detective Office actually have two identical rooms so would be ideal if you were a larger group and maybe wanted to race. 

Prices vary depending on the number of players and also the day of the week. 

For more information visit Breakout

man and woman escape room

Both John and I were nervous upon entering The Detectives Office as we have a 100% escape record and we would like to try and keep it. Did we escape - Yes we did, just! We had about 1 minute and 45 seconds to go but we made it. We found out who the killer was and proved our innocence. 

This was my favourite of the Break Out rooms we have done so far. It took us the longest but I really enjoyed the story and the puzzles were good. 

To view the range of rooms available and for more information visit Breakout

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