Covid Rules For Travelling To France

When we decided to visit Disneyland Paris for the first time since the pandemic began we knew that there would be a lot of research to be done on making sure we followed all the Covid rules for travelling, regulations and protocols. Our safety is obviously important and we wanted to make sure we travelled as safely as possible and compliantly. There are lots of covid rules for travelling to France but after much research we had a very safe and stress free trip.

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The main things to consider for travelling abroad this Summer and into Autumn are the status and rules of both the country you want to visit from the UK's perspective and how the country you want to visit considers the UK from the same point of view. We wanted to visit France so the two important things would be the status of France from UK - Currently Amber, and the status of the UK from France - Currently Amber. This could be different if the country you are visiting considers the UK higher risk - which would make travelling back to the UK possibly more difficult. The traffic light system for the countries can also change at any point so it is very important to keep an eye on the website for travel updates. 

The Covid Rules For Travelling To France From The UK
Firstly we checked the rules on visiting France - what did we need to do before travelling and whilst at the Airport.  We are all fully Vaccinated against Covid-19 with the exception of Little J who is under the age for vaccination. In order to travel to France we only needed to be able to prove our vaccination status through the NHS app - using the travel section, and complete a 'sworn' statement available on the French governments website, bringing this with us after printing and signing. 

At the UK airport we needed to wear face coverings and present our NHS vaccination evidence at check in only.  Everything else was as it would usually be in the airport. No changes to security or boarding times at all. 

Flying From The UK To France
While on the plane, we flew with Air France. A face covering is to be worn at all times. They insisted on the medical face masks, the standard low cost face coverings that you can buy in most places. If you boarded we a mask that wasn't the medical face mask they did provide you with one. 

Air France also provided us with a questionnaire, which asked us where we would be staying, how to contact us and how long we would be staying for. This was similar to the 'sworn statement' which we actually didn't have to show to anyone in the end. 

There was no onboard service such as snacks and drinks. 

Arriving In France
At Paris CDG airport - we only needed to show our passports to get through security and then it was just a case of collecting cases as usual - all with your face covering still in place. 

In France
During our stay we found that all restaurants, and to actually get in to Disneyland Paris required evidence of either full vaccination or a negative PCR test taken within the previous 48 hours. They call it a health pass in France but it is just your covid passport status which can be found on your NHS app.
Masks are needed at all times except when eating. 

Travelling To The UK From France
Coming home to the UK is a little more complex but once you know what you need to do its easy enough. 

Firstly you need to obtain a negative Test within the 48 hours before your flight home. Either an Antigenic test or a PCR test is acceptable - the Antigenic is cheaper and quicker with results within 15 minutes.

We prebooked our tests using the link from the Disneyland Paris website - it was a simple process, however we found that the costs changed depending on the time you want your test taken.  We took out at 9.30 am and the cost for three tests (as Little J doesn't need one to travel) was just on 50 Euros. If we wanted them half an hour later - the cost doubled! 

You then need to complete the UK Passenger Locator Form found on the UK Government website. This can only be completed within the 48 hours before you travel home so you have to remember to do it!  Once you have completed the form - one for each traveller (for this one Little J was included on my form as a travelling minor) you can download it to your phone or device as you will need to show it at the airport. 

At the Airport in France you will need to show your proof of negative PCR or Antigenic Test and your completed Passenger Locator Form, along with proof of vaccination if asked for it.  We didn't actually have to provide anything except passports and boarding passes until a few minutes before boarding and at this point they are keen to get everyone on the plane so being prepared with your results and forms is essential. 

Finally as France is currently on the UK Amber list you need to have a full PCR test within 48 hours of arrival back in the UK. This can be booked at one of many testing centres, even at the airport, or we chose to have tests posted to us which we could complete ourselves and drop off at a local drop off point - our results came back the next morning after drop off. 

We had a great time visiting Disneyland Paris and once we knew what we needed to do the inconvenience of testing and form filling didn't really give us any problems, it's something I think we will need to get used to if we want to travel again for the foreseeable future. 

Please do remember to check the most up to date travel information as unfortunately it can change at any time, even when you are abroad. 

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