Unsolved Case Files Avery Gardner Game Review

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We are huge fans of crime shows and we love a good murder mystery or a visit to an escape room. Last year we came across Unsolved Case Files and have been working our way through the range and we have just cracked the case of Avery Gardner. Unsolved Case Files are nothing like I've seen before. The game layout and attention to detail make you feel like you are the detective on the case.

Unsolved case file evidence wallet

The case of Avery Gardner starts at 4:23am when a man broke into a remote lake house where 19 year old twins Avery and Zoey Gardner were asleep. An unidentified man murdered Avery and abducted Zoey before first responders could arrive. 

Police departments across two states are currently hunting for Avery's killer and her twin sister Zoey, but neither have been found. 

Homicide detective, Angie Cullen, made a breakthrough in the case but then mysteriously disappeared. She left her detectives notebook behind but authorities are not sure what to make of it. 

The killer is on the loose with two lives in his hands. Can you solve the case and get to Zoey and the detective before it's too late?

Unsolved case file evidence

Unsolved case file objective

Each Unsolved Case File comes in an 'evidence' wallet that is sealed and only to be opened by authorised personnel. Once opened you are now the lead detective on the case and have to look through all the evidence given to try and solve three objectives. 

In the case of Avery Gardner your three objectives are 
  • Identify the Accomplice
  • Identify the Killer
  • Find the Detective
The wallet is filled with evidence that you really do need to take the time to read. The instructions ask you to start with Angie's Detective Notebook and then you can pick and choose what evidence to look at next including photographs, newspaper clipping, autopsy report, CSI reports, witness statements, maps.

Unsolved case file evidence

We usually work in a pair and either read each piece together or split the evidence in two and feedback to each other what we think may be important to the case. 

Unsolved case file evidence
Unsolved case file evidence
Once you are confident you have solved the first objective you need to go online. Head to the website address and answer a few questions. If you answer correctly you are then told to open an envelope with further evidence inside and your next objective. If you are wrong then you need to go back and check the evidence again as you may have missed an important detail. Once you have solved all three objectives you have cracked the case.

I would definitely recommend Unsolved Case Files for teens and above. You do need to have patience and enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries. The estimated playing time for each Unsolved Case File is at least 2-3 hours however our first case took us almost double that time. If you are playing in groups it may not take as long as you work together. Once played it is unlikely you will play again as you will have already cracked the case so it is a 'one time' game only. Having said that you can pop all the evidence back in the wallet and pass to family and friends who may enjoy trying to crack the case. 

For more information on Unsolved Case Files and to purchase you can visit their Amazon store. If you would like to be in with the chance to win your own Unsolved Case File then you can enter our giveaway below. All you need to do is visit Unsolved Case Files and leave me a comment saying.. I would like to win the Unsolved Case File of ....

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