10 Bucket List Ideas For A Coastal Summer

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Bucket lists don’t have to be those once-in-a-lifetime activities that you spend hundreds of dollars for. A good bucket list has a balance of great things to do, from the mundane to the thrilling. Whether you live in San Diego or plan to visit this summer, here’s a list of things you can add to your bucket list. The best recommendation is to enjoy San Diego whale watching.

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How To Make The Most Of A Summer By The Beach
Living near a coastal area comes with certain expectations, such that you need to be out on the beach when you’re off work. Drop the expectations that life on the coast is always fun. Instead of trying to do everything, choose a few new activities this summer that you can prioritize.  Don’t do the same things you do every summer. Drop a few fun things that you’ve never done on your bucket list.

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Activities For The Best Beach Summer
San Diego is the perfect place for a beach summer. There are hundreds of activities in the area and dozens of different beaches to visit. Here are some new ideas for your summer vacation.

Go on a yacht dinner cruise. Enjoy a sunset from the ocean while you relax and let someone else take care of cooking and cleanup.

Take your canine buddy to the dog beach. Ocean Beach has a section where dogs can be off-leash in the ocean. Bring a buddy to help you get pictures.

Plan a time to be at the beach where you can enjoy the tide pools. You’ll need to check the best times for tide pools. Kids aren’t the only ones who are fascinated by the marine life at low tide.

bike rides along the beach

Take a ride along the coast. When was the last time you just drove up the coast to take in the views? Want to be more eco-friendly? Rent bikes and ride around the beach areas.

Explore the artwork and murals near the beaches. Ocean Beach is known for its murals, but many beaches have murals that describe the history of the beach.

Take part in a clean-up day on the beach. These activities can be enlightening and fun.

Take a family photo at the beach. This may sound like a tame idea for a bucket list, but it can be a challenge to get everyone together for a photo op. Once you take it, get it printed out and framed.

Enjoy a sunset on the beach and wait to gaze at the stars. If you can find an area without noise pollution, you’ll see a sky that you’ve forgotten.

boat out at sea

Take a local tour that lets you explore a new area. Go whale watching or take a seal tour. These activities can remind you about the challenges to wildlife.

Go fishing off the pier or from the beach.

Remember that San Diego whale watching season 2022 is all year long. The summer months are best for watching the blue whales, but you’ll spot different whales all throughout the year in the San Diego harbour.


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