Ideas To Keep You Busy In September

For some of us, September means back to school. School runs will come back with a bang and the chaos of making packed lunches, washing uniforms and PE kits and trying to manage our kids social lives will keep us busy this month. However if you are looking for more there are some ideas to keep you busy in September. 

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Read A New Book Month
Reading is something I have really enjoyed over the past few months and I actually joined a Monthly Book Club. If you have one local to you or if a group of friends could set one up I would definitely recommend. It opens you up to a variety of genres and you all get to talk about it at the end of the month, giving your thoughts and opinions. 

Friendship Month
Make time for your friends this month. Arrange a lunch, a meet up for a coffee or go for a nice walk in the park. It's nice to have a catch up and friendship month is a gentle reminder to make time for people who are important to us. 

Lazy Mum's Day (3rd)
It's only the 3rd day of September and already us mum's out there need a lazy day. Take advantage and get someone else to take the kids to school or make the dinner. Enjoy your day. 

Cheese Pizza Day (5th)
Today is the day to celebrate the cheese pizza. Head to the shops and pick up a cheese pizza for dinner. If you are feeling creative why not make your own. If you don't fancy making dough out of flour then you can always but a pre made base. It's actually a great activity to try with the kids too. 

It only happens in the movies book

Read A Book Day (6th)
As it's read  a new book month today is the day to make sure you actually sit back, relax and read a few chapters of your latest book. 

Beer Lovers Day (7th)
There are lots of ways you can celebrate the day dedicated to beer. Stay in and enjoy your favourite beverage, head out to the local pub for a pint or two, enjoy a brewery tour or try a new beer. 

Star Trek Day (8th)
Fans will enjoy this day to celebrate everything Star Trek. Binge watch your favourite series. 

boy buried by teddies

Teddy Bear Day (9th)
A teddy bear is one of the most popular children's toys ever. I think at some point we have all had that favourite teddy that we couldn't sleep without. Do you still have yours? Give it some love today and look back on all the memories you shared together. 

Grandparent's Day (12th)
Grandparents day, we can celebrate the wonderful people that are grandparents. We tend to celebrate on Mother's Day or Father's Day but if you don't then today is the chance to celebrate. 

Roald Dahl Day (13th)
Today is Roald Dahl's birthday and this day was created to honour the amazing writer he was. Enjoy a Roald Dahl story today, throw a themed party or watch a movie. 

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day (13th)
Another chance for us to sit back and let someone else cook the dinner tonight. 

Play Doh Day (16th)
Do we really need an excuse to play with some dough? We love play doh here, lots of fun using our imaginations to create and it's a great activity for fine manipulative skills too.

First Love Day (18th)
Who was your first love? Take a trip down memory lane and remember your first love. Do you still know each other? Maybe you married and are still together now.

Wife Appreciation Day (19th)
This day sounds good to me. A day to celebrate all the wives out there and recognise what amazing people we are.

Pepperoni Pizza Day (20th)
Another day dedicated to the Italian favourite, pizza. This time it's Pepperoni. 


Autumn Begins (22nd)
Today is the beginning of one of my favourite seasons, Autumn. There are many reasons why I love Autumn but my favourite reason is that Christmas will soon be here. 

Car Free Day (22nd)
Leave the car at home today and choose to walk or take public transport.

Hobbit Day (22nd)
A day to celebrate the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. This year also celebrates 20 years since Lord of The Rings movie was released so it's even more important fans celebrate on this day. 

ice cream

Ice Cream Cone Day (22nd)
Ice cream cones are usually a popular after dinner choice here for little J every day but am sure we will all enjoy a cone today. 

One Hit Wonder (25th)
Some of my favourite songs over the years have been one hit wonders, what's yours?

Family Day (27th)
Life can be busy so make sure you make time for each other today, come together and celebrate family day. It could just be making sure you all sit down for dinner together, watch a movie or just chat. 

Ask A Stupid Question Day (30th)
The phrase 'there is no such thing as stupid question' springs to mind however I know I have been too shy to ask questions in the past in case it sounds silly. Today is the day to ask those questions and don't be shy.

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  1. These will keep me busy. I didn't know it was friendship month. I need to make a point to getting together with friends a little more around work.

  2. Love the wife appreciation day. We need everyday to be that! Some great ideas to keep you busy in September

  3. Wow so many days I love the idea of lazy Mum day, definiftely one I will be telling my family about

  4. Oh wow so many days, I may have to take part in cheese pizza day as that sounds like a day that was made for me haha x

  5. Some really great ideas here and enough to fill September right up! We love being busy and having things to do :)

  6. I love that it's Friendship Month. I do need to get together with friends, and this is the perfect excuse!

  7. Lots of fantastic ideas for blog writing or even doing themed activities at home with the kids. Need to write down these dates on my calendar

  8. I have to laugh at all these days now, there is something for everyone. I like the sound of lazy mums day though! lol

  9. Ooh some fun days here! I think my fave one hit wonder has to be The One and Only by Chesney Hawkes!

  10. I love these special days. Missed the lazy mum day, but I will let my husband know about the Wife Appreciation Day LOL


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