The Crown Jewels Review

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When it comes to visiting the theatre my views and preference of shows has definitely changed. I would always book to see the big productions such as Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Grease. I think because I loved musicals so much these where the obvious choices. However I am really enjoying all type of theatre at the moment and I have really been looking forward to the new play The Crown Jewels. 

the crown jewels cast

The Crown Jewels - The Play

The Crown Jewels debuted this year in London's West End with a short tour scheduled afterwards. The run in London has now finished and from what I've read it looks like a great play with lots of laughs. Personally for me I was always going to watch it as it has one of my favourite actresses on stage, Carrie Hope Fletcher. 

The Crown Jewels is the “hysterical” (The Spectator) new comedy based on the most unbelievable royal caper in British history. Charismatic and unpredictable Colonel Blood, along with a trio of misfits, is planning the greatest heist of all time: stealing the Crown Jewels in plain sight. But reigning monarch Charles II can’t afford a royal scandal, and no King likes people handling their Crown Jewels…

The Cast

There are some great names in The Crown Jewels with Al Murray and Mel Giedroyc who I'm sure will definitely bring the comedy to the play. As mentioned earlier I am particularly looking forward to seeing Carrie Hope Fletcher again doing her thing and also Aidan McArdle and Neil Morrissey.

You can also check out the full cast here. 

the crown jewels cast

The Tour 

The tour is only short for the moment however I'm sure more dates will be added. 

The Lowry Salford
19th - 23 September 2023 
Book Tickets For The Lowry

Marlowe Theatre Canterbury
25th - 30th September 2023

New Theatre Cardiff
3rd - 7th October 2023

Milton Keynes Theatre*
10th - 14th October 2023

al murray and mel giedroyc in the crown jewels play

Our Thoughts

We had absolutely no idea what to expect when we went to see The Crown Jewels. I have stayed away from full reviews (I really don't like spoilers) and went with an open mind. I thought it was brilliant. 

The show begins with a musical number from Carrie Hope Fletcher as Lady of the Bedchamber. It was a strong powerful song showcasing Carrie's vocal range and it's a shame that there are only a few songs throughout the show but to be honest I didn't think there were any so it was a bonus. 

Comedy from Al Murray as both Charles II and Talbot Edwards and Mel Giedroyc as Mrs Edwards and French Noblewoman had us laughing out loud. Both are equally as funny and very quick on the improvisation when they forgot their lines or were laughing at each other. 

The play had a stand up comedy / pantomime feel to it which I really enjoyed however I know that might not suit all but I would definitely recommend as it is really funny and a great evening out.


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