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I’ve said it before but September really is my favourite month. September reminds me that my favourite time of year is on the way. Autumn is just around the corner, we will soon be visiting Alton Towers for Oktoberfest, then before we know it we will be pumpkin picking, setting off fireworks and then Christmas will soon be here. Working in an Education setting also means that September is the beginning of a new school year for me. I really enjoy meeting the new children, getting to know them and preparing for our school year together.

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However I haven’t always liked September, when I was a child September meant back to school with the uncertainty of a new teacher, new classroom and possibly even new friends. So September can be a nervous and anxious time for some and whilst teachers and carers will do all they can to settle children into their new routine, as a parent we can also help them before September arrives.

Whether our little ones are starting nursery, reception, going into a new school year in primary school, starting secondary school, sixth form, college or even university we can help them and prepare them for their new adventure ahead.

If our little ones are nervous or anxious about what lies ahead we can talk to them but also reading stories can be a huge help. Books2Door have a lovely range of books and resources that can help children prepare for the new school year. These are a few of my favourites.

Lucy and Tom at School

Lucy and Tom at School by Shirley Hughes
Lucy has her school things ready. She has a new grey skirt, a pair of brown shoes, a pencil case and a satchel. Tom wishes that he had a satchel too. Full of warmth and good humour, the happy simplicity of childhood is captured in this richly illustrated, classic picture book about two young children’s first experience of school.

starting school book

Starting School by Allan Ahlberg
Following a number of children's first experiences, this picture book takes children right from their very first day to the end of the school year. This reassuring read will support even the most nervous school-starter, exploring each emotion, from fear to excitement, with care. The perfect read to start a conversation about any pre-school nerves, packed with playful illustrations and easy to understand explanations. This is a book that you'll want to read again and again - far beyond the last day of the school year.

No Worries : Your Guide To Starting Secondary Schoo

No Worries : Your Guide To Starting Secondary School by Jenny Alexander
No Worries is the ultimate secondary school survival guide, with tips, quizzes and jokes to help children prepare. What if I've got the wrong stuff? What if I don't fit in? What if the older kids are horrible to me? Starting secondary school can be an exciting time - it's a great adventure but sometimes, before you go, you can get a touch of the 'what ifs'. You may be feeling anxious or stressed about leaving primary school. No Worries is full of information about going up from primary to secondary school and covers all of the big worries and anxieties. With practical hints and tips, jokes and quizzes for finding your way around, making new friends, social media and staying on top of homework, this fully-revised edition of Going Up! is the essential no-worries guide to starting secondary school.

These are just a few of my personal favourites however you can browse a whole range of books by searching Back to School

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Have you started to prepare your little ones for September?  Leave us a comment below and let us know.


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