Which Vinyl Flooring is Best for Quality?

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Luxury vinyl flooring can come in a variety of colours and textures, but the one thing that is not different is the overall quality each brand provides to your floor.
Many point to the lowest price Amtico flooring as the name brand that is extremely popular in proving not just the best in perfectly replicated looks, but also the safest investment you can make for the home. If having a more durable lifespan than other flooring is not enough, the ease in keeping it in its best possible shape with small maintenance sure adds to its high points.

Bathroom with vinyl flooring

What is Amtico?
Known as a leading brand in hard plastic flooring, able to perfectly and effortlessly imitate any type of flooring, Amtico has climbed high above many vinyl flooring brands throughout the decades to become the most popular with interior designers.
It looks exactly like hardwood or stone flooring, or ceramic or otherwise. It looks so real that anyone visiting the home will be shocked to discover that it is not the real thing. On top of all this, it is the perfect insulator for heat and sound.
When it comes to vinyl flooring, the Amtico brand sure covers a lot more than just your floor.

Keeping Real
In comparison to other floorings such as carpet or real hardwood flooring, vinyl planks and tiles present a much easier and quicker way to keep your floor's appearance as good as the day it was freshly unboxed.
With a regular sweep of the floor with a household non-brittle brush, you can remove all dirt and dust and dispose of it in no time. Follow this up with a quick vacuum and then mop with warm soapy water or a specialised approved floorcare product so as not to affect the warranty. As little as a few quick mops, a month can keep the floor healthy and looking as it should.
Some people will undertake a deep clean to their floor to keep it in the very best appearance and use a recommended floor stripper once or twice a year.  You will need to redress it with flooring dressing and ensure that all dirt and marks from the flooring are gone before layering the LVT.

Eliminate Risk
Ensure everything is more secure by undertaking a few precautionary measures before laying the floor.
By using protective felt pads under the feet of furniture you can avoid deep scratch marks and scuffs, especially if you have a heavy sofa and chairs that drag around the floor whilst cleaning. As you may end up buying new furniture, it's wise to make sure that furniture contact areas are wider to spread weight.

vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is an easy flooring solution to keep in great shape for decades. Always discuss with your supplier any special considerations that need to be taken. When you want flooring that offers the best in quality, look to Amtico.


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