Christmas Gift Ideas For The Kids

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I love buying presents for family and friends and I love seeing their faces when they open their presents and get a nice surprise. I do sometimes turn to google for some gift inspiration as some children are impossible to buy for. Over the last few months I have been gathering lots of gift ideas for the kids so if you are looking for a little inspiration then hopefully this post may help.

Burping Bobby

Feed Burping Bobby with his food tokens and then turn the handle and watch him eat.If you're the one who overfeeds him then be prepared for his terrible green belch and you'll have to deal with one stinky hippo but if he keeps down his dinner, you're the winner.

3D Labyrinth
The beloved international classic is now in 3D. In a labyrinth of soaring towers and deep vaults, witches and wizards scramble to find coveted treasures. They cast powerful spells to teleport and shift the maze in their favour. Whoever collects their treasure first wins in this contest of minds and magic! As with the classic, treasures must be found by skilfully moving the rows of towers to clear a path, but with 3D Labyrinth you have to take into account the tower heights too.

Silly Sounds Game
Silly Sounds is the new family-fun party game where everyone gets to make and guess the silly sound stuck on your headband!. Making silly sounds is only half the fun, guessing them is the other half!. Silly Sounds, the game you play with your ears! For 2-4 players.

Quick Link Game
Quick Link, A fast and furious, word party game for the whole family where players race to use their squeaky suction cup sticks to snap up words that are logically related!

When an opponent makes a debatable link, squeeze your stick to call them out!

Quick link is a game that develops verbal reasoning in a fun and exciting way. Can you find the link in a blink?

Grouch Couch

Ever wonder what happens to those little items that go missing? Now’s your chance to find out and maybe get some things back when Grouch Couch spits out Lost Goodies! Take turns feeding Grouch Couch tasty treats. Then press the remote-control and see what happens. He might grumble, chomp, burp and (hopefully) eat your treats! When he does, he’ll spit out Lost Goodies. You’ll want to collect these because the player with the most Lost Goodies when Grouch Couch plays his victory song, wins!

Beat The Parents Game

Go head-to-head in a battle of household supremacy with Beat the Parents, the fun-filled family trivia game! Prove who’s really the boss in this game of smarts and skills. Parents will have to answer questions about kids’ stuff, and kids answer questions parents should know. As teams answer trivia and move across the game board, they’ll encounter wacky challenges they need to complete

Headbandz is as easy as Pick, Place, Play! Pick your favourite headband and a take a picture card without looking at the drawing. Put the headband on and place the card in the headband so the illustration is facing all players. Then, play by asking questions with “yes” and “no” answers as you try to guess what’s on your card! It’s a race against the clock to be the first player to get three scoring badges to win.

Marvins Box of Magic

Become a magician with Marvin's Magic Made Easy Tricks, with 130 different tricks to learn you will be able to wow your friends and family in no time. With this set comes an illustrated instruction booklet so you will be able to master tricks and play pranks. Easy-to-perform magic tricks with a clearly illustrated instruction booklet - perfect for any budding young magician. Includes membership to Marvin's Magic Club.

Geomag confetti
Explore your imagination with Geomag Confetti. Geomag magnetic kits are the ideal way to express your creativity. There is virtually no limit to the creations that you can make. All you need is a kit and an active mind.

Ultimate Gross Science
This extremely gross science set will help you to explore and understand how the human body functions. It supports National Curriculum learning and is safe, educational and fun! Explore extremely gross science with over 12 really yucky scientific experiments.
Nano Orbit
The HEXBUG nano Orbit has everything you need to customize your very own nano habitat. Get creative and have fun with your builds. This playset features 6 jelly walls and connectors to lock your nano and redesigned nano Flash into hours of autonomous play.
Intelino Smart Train

Intelino Smart Train
Intelino Smart Train is designed to captivate and teach. It's a toy train that's intuitive and familiar, just like a classic playtime favorite. However it's a sophisticated and intelligent learning device, powered by advanced robotic technology. Intelino created this train to helps kids get smarter and develop coding and STEM skills while they are simply having fun.

Smiggle Headphones

Smiggle is not just for school supplies they also have a huge range of Tech and Toys. Rock out in these super cool foldable kids headphones with an awesome design on its printed headband. They're perfect for chilling at home, on the go entertainment, or at-home learning.

gamer double smiggle lunch bag

From the Smiggle Gamer collection, the iconic double decker lunchbox is back and perfect for lunchtime. It has two tiers of storage so you can separate all of your snacks.

Na Na Na Surprise
Unbox a 2-in-1 surprise with Na! Na! Na! Surprise, including a gorgeous soft, posable fashion doll and plush pom with a clip to attach to a purse or backpack.  Open the package to find a real balloon. Inflate the balloon with paper straw, then POP for a confetti surprise.
Magicube Maths building
The Geomag Magicube Maths Building encourages little hands to stack with magnetic cubes and clips. The set also helps to strengthen children's early calculation skills, with the recognition of numbers and the first sums. 


The Toniebox is a new and innovative audio player for kids, great for bedtime stories or as a kids' music box. It's screen-free and so easy to use that even 3-year-olds can operate it. Placing Tonies audio characters on the cube begins playback automatically and taking them off stops it. Pressing the ears changes the volume. Tapping the sides changes tracks. Simple! For more information and to buy online visit Tonies

Fartbuster is the gross, farting reaction game! Follow the farts, find the sequence and avoid the poop! Pull Fartbusters arms to see if you can repeat the sequence. Includes 3 game modes; Free fart, Follow the farts memory challenge and follow the farts extreme memory challenge. Fartbuster includes light up arms and silly fart sounds.

witch child and sorceress books
Celia Rees is one of Britain's foremost writers for teenagers and her titles for Bloomsbury have enjoyed huge success. Witch Child has been adopted by educational boards up and down the country and is required reading in secondary schools in the UK, with life sales of over 180,000, and has been translated into 25 languages.  Celia Rees's Sorceress is the bewitching sequel to Witch Child, which was shortlisted for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize 2010.

the scary book
Snakes, bats, and spiders aren't that frightening-but just wait till you see what they're like on the inside! This delightfully ghoulish book is filled to the brim with creatures perfect for some Halloween fun. Whether it's a big bad wolf or a skeletal ghost, each monster is hiding its really horrible side beneath a foldable flap. Lift the foldout on the crab to reveal sharp teeth and tentacle tongues or pull down the flap on the spider to discover its recently caught snacks. Thierry Dedieu's colourful illustrations bring humour and lightheartedness to many spine- chilling creatures. A perfect blend of silly and scary, this big board book helps kids overcome their worries with laughter. Encourage your children to embrace their spooky side with this Halloween treat!

Dougie's Diary
Dougie's Diary series 1 is a collection of 5 books about Dougie's experiences. The books provide a good foundation to open up discussions about the topics in the books. 
Hello I’m Dougie - Learn more about Dougie, his friends, family and favourite things in life.
Daisy Comes Home - Share Dougie’s experience as his sister is born and comes home
Dougie Starts Pre-School - Share Dougie’s experience and emotions on his first day at Pre-School
Thank You Day - Dougie learns it is important to say thank you to people around us who help us everyday. 
We Are All Special - Understanding that we are all different yet all equal and special

The nightmare before Christmas book
Written through wit and rhyme, The Nightmare Before Christmas book is interwoven with hand-drawn illustrations and the individual’s name across the top of every other page. Disney fans will adore this personalised addition and you can even include a special message on the opening page. Presented inside a unique gift box, the book is a fun and charming gift to teach kids about Christmas and Halloween and why they really should be celebrated separately.

The positive Doodle Diary
The Positive Doodle Diary is a mindful gratitude journal designed to empower children with confidence through creativity. Depending on age, children can work with The Positive Doodle Diary either alone or together with an adult. The book would make an ideal gift for kids aged 5 to 10 years old.


Moth book
Fox: A Circle of Life Story unites story and science to explain this big concept to children who have lost a pet or a loved one, or who simply are curious about death and what happens after we die.

Moth is a remarkable retelling of the story of the peppered moth and is the perfect introduction to natural selection and evolution for children.

The Snark
Night-time can be scary and this delightfully illustrated story The Snark shows us how natural those fears are. Once children can identify and understand their fears, they can begin to overcome them, and we can all have a good night's sleep. This story reveals that when we are brave and face our fears, they are often not as scary as we first thought!

Told in lyrical prose and with a dash of humour, this light-hearted story will help you and your child deal with night-time anxieties in a safe and reassuring way.

Where's (Childs Name) book
Where's (Childs Name?) personalised story from It's Your Story follows the adventures of a young boy or girl who wakes on Christmas morning but is far too excited to go back to sleep. The child creeps around the house discovering that there's plenty of fun to be had while the rest of the family sleeps - from nibbling some icing from the Christmas cake to finding reindeer tracks in the snow and feeling their presents under the tree.

The child's name is included ten times in the story, their face appears nine times and a personal message from you to the child is printed at the front of the book.

Transformers Battlegrounds
Transformers Battlegrounds for Xbox One is the perfect game this Christmas for Transformer fans. As evil megatron closes in on the all spark, bumblebee and the autobots need a new Commander to help save Earth - you! Assemble your squad and roll out for a battle that will Rage from Central city to cybertron... And even to the local multiplayer arcade!

kids stuff crazy

Add a touch of magic to bath time and watch your children's faces light up with wonder and awe with Kids Stuff Crazy Soap colour changing bubble bath. 

Magical Sparkling Bubble Bath, turns bath time from a battle ground into a playground. Watch in amazement as your bath transforms into a glittery wonderland in front of your eyes. Encouraging bath-time play, whilst delivering cleansing benefits. 

Kids Stuff Crazy Colour Foaming Soap is a mild and gentle formulation of mouldable foam, that allows children to explore their creative side, whilst cleaning their delicate skin. Use in the bath or use for sensory play away from the bathroom.

locks in goodness hair gel
SPIKE, SHAPE & FIX - Specially formulated with 100% naturally derived hair fixative to give your locks the right amount of hold without building-up or weighing it down. Also great for fly-aways, keeping hairstyles in place and scrunching in curls!

PERFECTLY SMOOTH LOCKS - Infused with hair loving organic argan, coconut, jojabo, avocado oil and shea butter to smooth, condition, define and tame your locks. Tip: You can even use a small amount on dry hair to smooth away any frizzy bits.

Mighty Cards
Mighty cards are designed for ages 4-11 to provide effective and engaging strategies to help children manage their feelings and emotions. The pack consists of 36 cards which are divided in to 3 types of activities, breathe, move and create.

Mega bounce ball
This super high bounce ball is one of the bounciest in the world. Mega Bounce XTR really does as its name suggests it produces MEGA Bounces and is able to bounce way higher than a 2-storey building. With a bounce return rate (how high it will return to when dropped) of nearly 85%, it really is one of the highest bouncing balls on the market.

Fusing elements of badminton and street football, the aim is to keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can using your hands and feet. Inspired by the traditional game of jianzi, UKick has received a 21st century update. With removable feathers and 10 top discs to collect, What’s more, add or remove the weighted trick discs to suit your skill level by adjusting the required reaction time. 
sky spinner
Giving new meaning to the phrase 'it's all in the spin,' Wicked Sky Spinner is a ground breaking, hand-propelled spinning disc. Simply spin your Sky Spinner to unleash an awesome array of tricks and stunts; throw it, crank it, spin it or slam it - use the central power crank to get your Sky Spinner spinning with the flick of a wrist. With a perfectly balanced, weighted rim, Sky Spinner can reach an incredible 500 revs per minute. The fun doesn't stop here - master a cool claw grind, a hilarious finger hop, an Wicked body roll and so many more.

snowman and the snowdog advent calendar
This advent calendar has been put together with 25 opening gift doors containing numerous popular characters and different tokens. These include the likes of Billy, his dog, The Snowman, Father Christmas and the skiing penguin. These characters are attached to magnets and will interact and move with a magnetic “ice rink” which is positioned on the bottom half of the bi-fold calendar.

Smiggle Advent Calendar

Your favourite Advent calendar is back for 2020 with our best countdown to Christmas yet! Smiggle Advent Calendar 2020 has 25 days of limited edition Smiggle stationery surprises. Plus - Find 1 of 30 lucky tickets inside and win a HUGE Smiggle shopping spree!

Harry potter snowglobe
Embark to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with this waterball featuring Hogwarts castle. This highly detailed miniature replica of the school of witchcraft and wizardry provides a majestic backdrop in this inspired scene. Opalescent glitter glistens when shaken and the Hogwarts seal in bronze adorns the top of the waterball.

reindeer smash cake
The Reindeer Mini Smash Cake is made from a deliciously creamy Belgian chocolate shell, filled with Maltesers Chocolate Buttons, and Smarties. The outside of the cake is decorated with Rudolph’s face, hand-painted with white chocolate, and finished with his “shiny red nose” made from a scrummy Lindor dipped in red chocolate.

Now for the fun… SMASH the cake like a piƱata, and watch all the chocolatey goodness tumble out!

gummy delights hamper
For a sweet gift with a little luxury, look no further than this personalised Gummy Delights Sweet Hamper from Buyagift. Beautifully presented in a deluxe wicker hamper, this sweet box is filled with all the classic gummies and more! From cola bottles and juicy lips to fizzy sour dummies and giant strawberries, this hamper is brimming with a delicious assortment of jelly sweets, perfect for children and adults too.

Haribo Hamper
This sweet treat hamper box from Haribo is the perfect stocking filler gift for your loved ones this Christmas. Hamper box contains: Haribo Squidgy Strawbs, Haribo Dummies, Haribo Balla Stixx, Haribo Jelly Beans, Haribo Chamallows, Haribo Giant Trees. Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo!

Hopefully these ideas may help you choose the perfect gift for a little one this Christmas. 


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  1. These are some lovely gift ideas for the children but for the whole family as well.

    Beat the parents would probably end in a terrible row but we’d love it!

  2. What an amazing gift guide, there is certainly something for everyone, I have an eye on a few of these for my grandchildren

  3. Those bath products look so much fun. My kids love spending time in the bath and these would help them play for hours.

  4. Some great ideas here! I agree with books as well, often get my kids something to read every year. The Geomag Confetti and Box of Tricks sound super fun as well

  5. So many great ideas, thanks for all the inspiration! We have a tonie box so I will definitely have to get some more tonies for the kids stockings! Love the smart train and geomag too. I always try to get a few books at Christmas too as I try to read to the kids every night so we are always on the look out for new books!

  6. Wow! What a selection of gifts . There is so much to choose from and definitely something for everyone!. My girls would love the fart buster game ha!

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  8. We have beat the parents and the headbanzgame and we love them. My son also has the geomag and I have got him another set for Christmas

  9. Some amazing looking goodies and games for the kids. The nightmare before Christmas is my ultimate favourite movie so that personalised book would be high on my wish list, I may have to send it to my parents as an idea now x

  10. What a great selecton of items, there is something for all ages in there. My girls still love the Crazy soap products even though they are now teens. Micb x

  11. Wow, what a wonderful selection of gifts! Jack would love the Fartbuster game and the Harry Potter ball! Some really good gift suggestions here.

  12. Wow, loads of great goodies there. It really helps with giving my an idea of what to get the kids.

  13. Some amazing gifts here. The positive doodle diary and all books are top on my list.

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  15. These are some lovely choices. The HP waterball is absolutely stunning. Perfect for any Harry potter fan this Christmas.

    I like the idea of a haribo hamper! I bet i'd end up eating them though x

  16. There is some really good ideas here, my son is really hard to buy for


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