Eleven Tips For Visiting Tatton Park

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For the past few weeks we have been wanting to plan a day out rather than just brief visits to the park or waterfront. As the lockdown has eased a little, going somewhere a little further is now acceptable however we are still nervous about heading out to more public places. Obviously the further you travel the more you have to plan as you aren't just around the corner from home.

I think for us trying to get back to some kind of normality is going to help us get over this anxiousness we all have about public spaces. After a lot of searching online I hit a brick wall. Everywhere looked so busy on Social Media and I didn't really want to travel somewhere only to find it was overcrowded and we all felt uncomfortable and had to come home.

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Last week Tatton Park popped up confirming it was open. We love Tatton Park and the first thing I think of is 'lots of space'. Tatton Park is huge and I felt pretty confident that even if it was extremely busy we would be able to social distance and enjoy it.

To help you plan your visit I wanted to share with you some tips and thoughts about Tatton Park.

1. Tatton Park opens at 10am but we didn't arrive till about 11:30am and the queue to enter the park was very busy. We entered the park via the Knutsford Gate and we had to queue for about 10 - 15 mins on the road outside before turning in to the park. Throughout our visit there was a steady flow of cars entering so I think it will be generally busy no matter what time of day depending on the weather.

2. There is an entry fee for cars and motorbikes of £8 even if you are a National Trust Member. Blue badge holders get 50% discount on parking. Walkers and Cyclists enter for free.

3. The car park was very busy but there were two members of staff directing cars to available spaces.

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4. Take a picnic. We took along our picnic and picnic blanket to enjoy our lunch on the grass. The Stables restaurant is open Weds-Sunday for take away only between 10-30-4:30 however it closes between 1:30-2:30pm for cleaning. It looked very busy with people waiting outside as I assume only so many are allowed in at each time. Taking a picnic would save you queuing.

5. The grounds are huge and there is so much space to be socially distanced from others however you may struggle to find a spot that isn't covered in sheep poo! I'm guessing as they have been closed for so long the animals have just had all the fields and grass area to themselves so the amount of poo on the grass was crazy. We did manage to find a poo free spot big enough for our blanket but not much else.

6. The toilets are open which is one of the reasons we chose Tatton Park.  For the ladies 6 women can be inside the toilets at any one time and the mens is 4. It is a one in one out system with a door to enter and another to leave. There is plenty of hand gel outside and lots of staff instructing you when you can enter and reminding you to put on hand gel. Inside the ladies there was a toilet then the next two were closed off and so on, the same for the sinks. Knowing you can go the toilet obviously makes it much more enjoyable for a day out especially with the kids.

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7. Enjoy an ice cream. Inside the courtyard there is a tuck shop that was open selling ice creams. Everyone queued leaving the 2m apart and there was a nice selection of lolly ices and ice creams to choose from.

8. The garden shop and gift shop were open when we visited and had a social distance queuing system outside.

9. Just to add the farm, hall and adventure play area are closed at the moment. This may change in coming weeks so keep an eye on the website for updates.

10. Check out the 'What's On' section of the website as there are lots of trail and family friendly activities to get involved in throughout the year. Percy The Park Keep - Secret Path Trail is available until 13th June 2021 in the Gardens. 

11. Have fun.


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  1. Tatton Park looks like a fabulous day out. I have driven past a couple of times but never managed to visit

  2. Tatton Park Sounds like a lovely day trip, I’m glad they have a 2m rule in place. Always a good idea to bring a picnic with you, as you can enjoy the scenery more. 😊

  3. Lovely looking place we'd love to visit - and your point about the toilets is an important one. I wonder how many other local sites will ensure loos are available. Full marks to Tatton Park on that one.

  4. We love Tatton too, we need to get back there now it's open again. Great to see they're doing a good job keeping everyone safe.

  5. Tatton Park looks the perfect place to get out and still feel comfortable about other people being around, looks like you had a great day out x

  6. That's good that they've opened up and put in the neccessary precautions, everywhere seems busy at the moment though so it doesn't surprise me that you queued x

  7. Tatton Park sounds like a fabulous place for a family day out. I have enjoyed visiting historic estates / castles / gardens etc since I was a child. Learning about history fascinates me.

  8. Tatton Park sounds like a wonderful place to visit - I've never visited before but will definitely have to in the future.

  9. Thank you for sharing this post, we are National Trust members but I was not aware that the park is already open. Will take your tips into consideration when we travel there.

  10. Aw looks like you had an amazing time at the park. Looks great and nice snacks too x

  11. Oh what a lovely place for to spend some time with family and have a picnic, just lovely!

  12. It's no good if there's no ice cream! haha. Sounds like a lovely place to get some fresh air.

  13. Will be LOVEly to go back to tatton soon - really is a beautiful place


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