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boy playing mini golf
We found out this week that little J will not be returning to school till September. We have always had September in our minds but we also didn't want him to miss seeing his friends if some returned sooner.  We are really happy that everyone is returning in September and can now relax and try and enjoy this precious time together. 

As lockdown has eased we have been enjoying a few social distance days out. They are simple and close to home but we have enjoyed them so much. Last week we visited Tatton Park and to celebrate Father's Day we found a place close that was offering social distancing friendly tee off times for Mini Golf.

I was a little nervous at first as this was the first time we have done anything like this since lockdown but it was actually okay.

boy playing mini golf
We booked our time slot online, they were every 15 minutes and there were lots still available so we chose late afternoon. When we arrived there was staff guiding you to the mini golf and there were clear lines for where to stand whilst waiting for your time slot to begin. 

boy playing mini golf
Once we were on the course we just played as normal and then waited for the next hole to become clear as you usually would. Everyone kept there distance and for once it felt 'normal'.

The Mini Golf is just a small part of a bigger attraction / outdoor play area but everything else was closed. I'm not sure how I would feel visiting once the rest of the play area opens as we have been before and it's always packed so before it does open up again I think we will pop back for another game a golf. 

boy eating ice cream
Afterwards we enjoyed an ice cream and it was a lovely way to spend Fathers Day. 


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