It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Autumn

boy walking along a log
I can’t believe it’s October. I know Autumn officially started last week but for me October is the beginning of Autumn. I Love Autumn and Winter, it is my favourite time of year. We always have so much to look forward to once October arrives. We probably do more between October and December than we do all year round as we have lots of traditions and already lots of events and days out planned and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all.

October half term is always a highlight for us, we try to cram in as many Halloween type events as we can as little J just loves Halloween. October half term usually means us taking a trip up to Blackpool to see the Blackpool lights, it's something we’ve done for over 15 years. It never gets old or boring, it’s just a lovely evening out.

Lots of Pumpkins
Pumpkin picking is a new tradition for us, we only started it two years ago. Pumpkin Picking was something we’ve never considered before but after speaking to a friend she told me how much she enjoyed it with her children so we decided to pop along to Kenyon Hall Farm to pick a pumpkin. It was such a fun time little J enjoyed pushing the wheelbarrow around looking for the perfect pumpkin to pick. Last year I wrote a post listing the best pumpkin patches around the UK with the help from other bloggers. I think this year we will be heading back to Kenyon Hall Farm as we know it always has the perfect pumpkins to pick.

Halloween is something we are really looking forward to this year little J loves dressing up and trick or treating. I am going to have for Halloween soon including letting little J pick his scary costume, buying  lots of house decorations and lots of treats for the kids. I will be shortly posting our Halloween gift guide which will give you lots of gift ideas for Halloween, room decorations, costumes and treats for all the kids.

Autumn usually means the start of new seasons on Netflix. It's the perfect time to snuggle under the blanket and binge watch your favourite TV programmes. We are particular looking forward to season four of This Is Us, season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy, the new season of The Affair and I am also looking forward to watching Unbelievable after reading so many fantastic reviews.

Another highlight for us is heading to the shops to update our wardrobe and give it a more Autumn and Winter feel. Although I’ll be sad to ditch all my summer clothes I am looking forward to lots of browns, yellows and oranges in my wardrobe. I also can't wait to put on my favourite boots and wellies.

Scarefest sign
Once October has passed its time to think about bonfire night which is another special time for us as we like to try and head to Alton Towers for Scarefest or Fireworks events.  Then with a blink of an eye it will be almost Christmas, my favourite time of year

So there’s lots of things to look forward to this autumn I can’t wait to get started and sharing with you or what we get up to so watch this race.



  1. Hello Michelle :) I love autumn too, there is definitely something magical about transitioning from hot, balmy summer days to shorter , chillier autumn evenings. I've never been pumpkin picking but now am tempted to!

  2. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. I love Halloween and Christmas, plus it's my birthday in December!

    I've never been pumpkin picking, but I'd love to go if I can find a good pumpkin patch near me. There doesn't seem to be many in the West Midlands.

  3. Love autumn - never quite got the hang of pumpkin carving !

  4. I'm so excited by Autumn and it being a little cozier. I want to start a tradition of pumpkin picking as I think it's such a nice thing to do x

  5. Autumn is my favourite season - like you, we've got plenty planned for this month and the season

  6. Isn't autumn the best?! I have a few activities booked but I still need more, I'm off to check out your Pumpkin Patch post!!

    Katie xoxo

  7. I can't believe it is October already either, although Autumn is my favourite season! I love being able to pull out my chunky knits and warm scarves lol! We are away in Devon for the October half term and Halloween but we are still hoping to cram in some Halloween events especially pumpkin picking and carving!

  8. Blooming freezing here - weve already had frost - lots of hot chocolate and treacle toffee

  9. I can not wait to go pumpkin picking soon, its one of my favourite things to do during Autumn.

  10. Aw we love autumn, such a fab time of year and exciting too xx


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