Moving On From Fortnite

21 October 2019

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fortnite figures
It's been well over a year now since Fortnite started to dominate the boys Xbox time. Big J started first and at the time John and I knew very little about the game. Big J would play it in his room and we had no need to know about the game or anything else until little J started to talk about it. He hadn't learnt about it from his big brother, it was his friends in school. He would come home and talk about characters and dances and was desperate to play it. John and I limited his Fortnite time but it has been his 'go to' game ever since when he has Xbox time until recently, he's starting to drift towards other games and is desperately searching for another game as popular as Fortnite.

It started just after the Summer holidays when he got FIFA 20 for Xbox. He loves all things football at the moment and it's nice for John as he gets to play FIFA with him too. Whenever he has Xbox time now he is asking to play FIFA and it is such a relief to see something on the TV other than Fortnite.

Also the past few months he has started coming home from school asking to play in his brothers room on UFC. Again I had no idea what UFC was but big J said it was okay and suitable for little J's age range. It's like wrestling and little J seems to like it.

Then a few weeks ago he asked if he could play Minecraft. He hasn't played Minecraft in so long, it was a pre Fortnite game. He loaded up his old save and has been happily building and creating in the Minecraft world since. He seems to enjoy building houses and decorating them with signs and other bits and bobs.

He has also been dipping in and out of Hello Neighbour too.  It's a strange little game about trying to figure out what your neighbour is getting up to without him knowing. He needs help with this so it's a game we have been playing together. It's quite hard for a PEGI-7 but it is quite fun to watch even if he's not actually doing the controls.

So for now I think we are definitely moving on from Fortnite. I'm happy in one way because I know how addictive it is and it has caused more tantrums in our house than anything else but on the other we have invested so much money in to the game buying characters, accessories and dances and we haven't got anything physical to show for it.



  1. It sounds like you have some fun games going on in you house. I have to admit I must be one of the only people to know very little about Fortnight - it seems like something so many people play though.

  2. We've banned Jack from using Fortnite until he is a little older. He loves Minecraft and spends a lot of time on Hello Neighbour but really enjoys Let's Go Pikachu

  3. My eldest son plays Fortnite but we are lucky he's not put any money into the game buying skins etc and even though he loves playing it he still plays a variety of other games too. We've not played Hello Neighbour but thinking of picking it up at Christmas for him.

  4. I haven't played Fortnite but I know it has taken the world by storm! Minecraft is a game that's great for kids x

  5. I've never played this before but heard from few of my friends. That sounds like fun though I think I'll stick to mobile games at the moment.

  6. My eldest daughter enjoys playing Fortnite with her friends, however, does play other games too which I'm pleased about. I look forward to the Fortnite free days

  7. Hello neighbour is a new one for us to explore

  8. I am so glad my boys have never really bothered with fortnite, they like minecraft and roblox more x


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