Friday, 20 October 2017

Scarefest At Alton Towers 2017

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Last weekend we headed down towards Stoke for our October visit to Alton Towers to celebrate Scarefest. We have been going every year for as long as I can remember and each year it gets bigger and better. Now that we have little J we have to divide our time between the main park and CBeebies land however based on his no fear attitude when it comes to rides it wont be long before he will be wanting to get on the thrill rides!

When we arrived we headed to the express parking which is just by the main entrance. It does cost £16 and not something we would normally do however as Scarefest is a very busy event we decided it would be worth the money when it was time to leave. The monorail gets very busy as does exiting the car parks. We didn't pre-book however they do recommend it. 

A huge pumpkin greeted us as we made our way to the entrance. 

Once inside we got our bags checked which is a new addition to security measures and has been in place since the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. It’s good to know they have stepped up security and does make you feel a little better knowing all bags are checked. 

Hands up all the way on Octonauts.

We headed in to Cbeebies land first as we’ve found the queue times are less first thing when the park opens and later on before it closes. Little J wanted to go on Octonauts first but it already had a queue of 45 minutes. Such a long time for little ones to wait but it is worth it to see little J’s face, he absolutely loves rollercoasters. 

Little J is a big fan of Go Jetters so was excited to meet Ubercorn

Most of the rides had between 20-45 minute queues but there are always a few that never have any queue and that's Nina’s Science Lab, The Num Tums, Charlie and Lola and Tree Fu Toms Training Camp. So it’s nice to know you can whizz on these if you want to wait till the queues quieten down. 

Unfortunately there were no signs of Halloween at all in CBeebies land, it was just like any normal day. 

One of the many pumpkins little J crawled in to to have his photo taken.

The rest of the park was decorated with lots of pumpkins and added scary attractions including The Freak Show and House Of Monsters. We hadn’t planned to go in the attractions this year as little J is too young with the House Of Monsters being recommended for 8+ however they did look good and very very popular. 

We did however meet the Freaky Four and watch one of their 3 different shows on stage. It’s included in the price of your ticket and lots of fun for the little ones.

Hands up on Spinball Whizzer too.

If you fancy taking a stroll between Spinball Whizzer and Smiler you will come across a travelling circus. We walked through and saw the many props that would be used later in the evening but I wasn't brave enough to walk through again when it went ‘live’ between 5:30 and 9:30pm however John and Big J did and said it was really good. There were live actors in amongst people trying to scare them. It’s included in the price of your ticket so worth a visit. 

For those that are brave and like to be scared you can also visit The Welcoming: Be Chosen, Altonville Mine Tours, Terror Of The Towers and Sub Species. We have done Terror of the Towers before and it is really really scary and not for the faint hearted. 

For those that don't like the ‘scare’ attractions I would still prepare yourself as their are many ‘normal’ people visiting for the day who dress up and like to scare other visitors. We saw a woman who was walking round in a grey stained nightie with her long black hair over her face… very odd. Little J wasn't bothered that people were dressed up as scary clowns and killer rabbits he was having too much fun. 

If you like to play on the games at Alton Towers they currently have a Ghoulish Games offer where you get 3 games for the price of 2. It's not on all of them but there are signs on the games that are included. 

Big J would this huge pumpkin on his 3rd game of Basketball. He wins almost every time he plays.

While big J was on the rides with John, little J decided he would climb on everything he could. He was wearing his new boots we bought him from Clarks and they seemed to have given him a new confidence when it came to climbing up on rocks. He seemed happy and it helped pass the time while we waited for the others.  I get quite nervous when I see him climbing but he is actually really good. He enjoyed climbing up and stomping his feet to show off the lights in his boots.

The best thing about Scarefest is it is the first time all season that you can ride in the dark. This is so much fun especially on rides such as Rita, Oblivion, Smiler and my favourite Thirteen. Big J loves rollercoasters so did all the rides at least once and a few of them twice. 

We are already planning our next visit in a few weeks to see the Fireworks and for those that have never experienced Alton Towers Fireworks you really are missing out on a spectacular show. 



  1. Wow, it looks fab - I'd love to take the kids to Alton Towers

  2. This looks really good! I will have to take the kids!

  3. It looks absolutely fantastic, we would have to split up if we went as our son is 13 so prefers big rides and our five year old daughter would love cbeebies land, and if you don't pay extra the queuing times are silly xXx

  4. Oh wow - It looks like great fun. Definitely want to go now!

  5. i've never been to alton towers, but i'd love to, especially for scarefest

  6. Spooktacular

    Looks amazing
    I've never been for HALLOWEEN

  7. This actually looks amazing, something the younger ones get to enjoy at Halloween!

  8. I wish that I could go this year, but I can't make it

  9. looks like a great family day out, think I will wait till my Daughter is a little older though, quite scary for a nearly 3 year old

  10. Looks awesome the brands would love this . How spooktacular lol

  11. Looks amazing. There is something for everyone at Alton Towers. Some of the shows are amazing.

  12. Catherine Powell22 October 2017 at 19:26

    Wow. Looks fab. Definitely need to go next year ☺️

  13. Looks like lots of fun!

  14. Looks fab. I would love to take my kids there x

  15. Cool, what fun it would be. Thank you.

  16. Great idea - scary rides, scary everything...

  17. Looks like you all had heaps of fun!!

  18. Now thats what i call halloween fun!!

  19. The children visited Alton Towers during the summer and loved it. One of the best of its type. Thanks for the review and lovely pics.

  20. Looks amazing x

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  22. Oooh wow, looks amazing, Looks like you all had a great time. I love doing days out like this that tie in with celebrations.

  23. I really wish that I had been able to go to this. It looked fantastic


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