Our Family Fortnight | The One With The Jet Lag

29 April 2019

This past fortnight has been a bit of blur as we have all been suffering from jet lag. It is possibly the worst thing ever and is still lingering around now. I think we probably did the worst thing by heading  straight to bed when we arrived home after the flight from Disney even though it was only 10am but we were shattered and we couldn't have fought it. We shouldn't moan though because we had the most amazing trip and I wish we could go back now.

Even though exhausted the show must go on and we had lots planned so not much time to rest. Little J had a wobbly tooth from the moment we set foot on the plane to Orlando. I was sure it was going to come out and the tooth fairy would have to leave him a dollar or two however he managed to keep it in. As soon as we got home, it fell out. It was his first wobbly tooth lost so the tooth fairy was kind and left him £5.

 The new Wisdom teddy was out this fortnight, it is Piglet and he is so cute. I usually get to the Disney Store before opening time to be sure I'm one of the first to get one however I was still in bed snoozing past 9am so didn't manage to get him until 3:30!

 We had lots of fun over the Easter weekend and the weather was glorious. We headed to the park a few times, saw family and friends and ate far too much chocolate.

Big J went to see the new Avengers movie Endgame and inspired John and I to start watching the Marvel movies. We haven't seen any of them so we have about 20 to watch. I'm hoping we can get them all done before Endgame leaves the cinema.

We were invited to see Twirlywoos Live last weekend at the theatre and it was really good. Little J enjoyed it and the running time was just 55 minutes, perfect for the target audience.

What Have We Got Planned For The Next Fortnight?

We have a few days out planned over the bank holiday weekend. Just hope the weather is kind to us.

Three birthdays to celebrate which is exciting as one of them is mine.

Big J will hopefully start his driving lessons and he can't wait.

What are you getting up to this fortnight?



  1. Oh my goodness jetlag! I have to does put me off from going long haul. Wishing you a happy upcoming birthday!

  2. Hope your jet lag susides soon. My eldest is currently learning to drive. It is so expensive. I hope the weather is nice over the bank holiday too, Easter was lovely so fingers crossed

  3. i truly hate jet lags , and i think i would have done the same thing go straight to bed after thr trip and i bet Disneyland was awesome !

  4. Jet lag can be so bad sometimes! I always try to do night flights coming back to make it easier.

  5. I feel your pain - when we flew to Japan earlier this year, the jetlag was awful. The kids were awake in the middle of the night for hours, running riot. It wasn't so bad coming back.

  6. Nothing worse than jet la...super annoying. Look at all those chocolate Easter treats though - lucky you xx

  7. Oh sorry that the jet lag was so bad to get over, but good to hear it was worth it for all the fun!

  8. Every year I travel to Seoul and every time I return jetlag always catches me bad but I have learn't never to give into sleep especially if I arrive during the day.


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