Days Out | Salford Museum and Ordsall Hall

Disclosure - We were invited to Ordsall Hall and The Salford Museum. We were gifted lunch and snacks however entry was free and we were not paid to create this post.

On Sunday we had a lovely day visiting Salford Museum and Ordsall Hall in Manchester. Usually I would do a little review of each place however they are only a 5-10 minutes drive from each other so you could easily do both on the same day and they are both free to enter and make a lovely day out.

We visited the Salford Museum first, this was due to the opening times of both. The museum building is quite pretty from the outside and reminded me of a library rather than a museum. There was parking at the front of the building however it is chargeable parking which cost us £2.50 for the time we were there.

We went to the reception desk first as we had never been before and the lady kindly told us a little bit about the museum, what to expect and she pointed out the toilets and the cafe.

The Salford Museum is home to Lark Hill Place. It was our favourite part of the Museum. Lark Hill Place is a re-creation of a typical Northern street during Victorian times.

Lark Hill Place was originally created in 1957 when many shops and houses in central Salford were being demolished to make way for new developments. Many of the shop fronts that are in Lark Hill Place today were saved and restored. The interiors have been furnished and are full of authentic objects, recreating the way they were used in Victorian times.

Visitors can explore the street and dress up in traditional Victorian costumes to really get in the spirit of things.

Little J loved dressing up and chose his own outfit.

After we looked through the shop windows and experienced what it felt like to walk down a Victorian Street, we finished at the sweet shop. There was a volunteer behind the counter handing out sweets to the children. There is no charge however you can make a donation. It was a lovely treat for little J and it was nice to see her weigh out the sweets. 

Once we had finished visiting Lark Hill Place we headed to the first floor to the art gallery. I enjoyed this part of the Museum however little J wasn't too interested and wanted to head back to the Victorian Street.

Once we had finished we headed to the cafe for some lunch before we headed to Ordsall Hall.

Like I said earlier Ordsall Hall is only 5-10 minutes away so perfect for enjoying both in the same day.

Ordsall Hall has had a long and interesting history with many different uses since it was first mentioned in records in 1177! Today, it is a welcoming and friendly historic house telling the story of the Hall and some of the people who made it their home.

The building looks very impressive but the location is quite strange as it is amongst a housing estate and is surrounded by a main road and while we were there lots of people passing by heading to the Manchester United game. 

The grounds are well kept  and lots of nice walkways to explore and things to see.

Before we began exploring the hall we were shown a 10 minute video which explains a little more about the Hall and also help you understand more about the building and it's history. It was a beautiful afternoon so little J just wanted to explore outside so John and I have said we would love to return to explore the hall more another day. Entry is free so would make a perfect day out for just the two of us. There is also another lovely cafe with delicious looking cakes.

We really enjoyed our visit to Salford Museum and Ordsall Hall. As both are free entry they make a really nice cheap day out.


We were invited to Ordsall Hall and The Salford Museum. We were gifted lunch and snacks however entry was free and we were not paid to create this post.


  1. This sounds a lovely day out. I am a bit of a social history geek so Salford museum would be right up my street. How funny that Ordsall Hall is in the middle of a housing estate, but thank goodness it's been saved!

  2. I love the look of the museum, especially all the old fashioned games. Ordsall Hall also looks lovely, great day out ideas.

  3. The Victorian Street reminds me a bit of Coronation Street! And we were reminiscing over the old style sweet shops the other day - yum. Hope you enjoy your trip back to the hall. X

  4. That looks loads of fun. Reminds me a little of Beamish - but a free day out is even better!

  5. w visited that museum and we really enjoyed every minute of it x there is so much to see and learn

  6. Oh I really like the idea of this little place. It looks as if it have lots of adventures and activities for everyone in the family. I even love the fact that it's completely free great for families.

  7. They both sound like brilliant places to visit but Lark Hill Place would be top of my list. I love places like it that allow you to step back in time. Great for kids too.

  8. We love visiting historical places and learning something about our history. The Salford Museums looks really interesting.

  9. Amazing photos - great day out for you all! Very educational & historical. x

  10. Haven't been here - will be fab for the boys


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