Our Family Fortnight | The One When We Had A Leak

Well what a fortnight it has been. We were really looking forward to the half term and spending time together however our week didn't go as planned. Little J really wanted to go to football camp which ran for 4 days, all of his friends were going so he wanted to go too. We didn't mind as I managed to have a big clear out, taking lots of bags to the skip and the charity shop. On the Wednesday of the half term we had a leak in the kitchen. Our flooring is only a year old so it was a nightmare. Unfortunately the whole kitchen and dining room flooring had to come up.

Little J enjoyed his football camp and his team made it in to the final and they won. He was so pleased and we got to see him get a medal in the trophies ceremony. 

I treated myself to the 2nd addition to the Wisdom Collection. I will be collecting all 12 and I cannot wait. 

John found a new drink and he loves it, Fanta Pink Grapefruit. I wasn't too keen so there was more for him to enjoy. 

We had a lovely day out at the Sea Life Centre in Manchester. We love having Merlin Passes because if you are ever looking for a cheap day out you can pop along to one of the attractions and enjoy it for free as you have already paid upfront. We have had our Melin Passes for years and will continue to buy them for as long as we can afford them.

Another cheap day out was our visit to Salford Museum and Ordsall Hall. We really enjoyed both. As you can see from above little J got a bag of sweets from an old victorian sweet shop in Salford Museum. They were free of charge and the highlight of his day!

What Have We Got Planned For The Next Fortnight?

John and I are hoping to try and squeeze in a date night. Maybe just a meal or maybe the cinema too. We will have to see.

Little J is heading out on a school trip to view a castle. He is really looking forward to it.

Lots of birthdays this month so we will be out shopping for gifts.

Both Big J and Little J now take part in football 3 times a week so that keeps them busy plus little J is still enjoying Judo.

Have you got any exciting plans this week?



  1. Oh wow what a time you've had lately! Its so annoying when things go wrong at home as its always the last thing that you need! xxx

  2. Oh no! What a nightmare it must have been having that leak :( I am so sorry! It seems like you had some other good moments though as well.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the leak that must have been the worst. This week I have a few meals out, back to aqua aerobics then at the weekend it's celebrations for my boyfriends 30th x

  4. Oh no, so sorry about the leak and I hope insurance covers it to be replaced. Things can only get better

  5. That leak looks dreadful. Hopefully it will never happen on a holiday for you all again!

  6. Oh no to the leak, what a nightmare. I LOVE grapefruit though so I'm excited to see that drink and can't wait to try it!

  7. I’ve never tried Fanta pink, will see if I can get one for myself this weekend.

  8. Oh dear - so sorry to hear about the leak - what a pain to come home too! The fanta pink looks amazing! X

  9. Nightmare woth a leak ! Time to get the FANTA ! I'm a bit old school - love orange


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