Thursday, 21 March 2019

AD | A Bathroom For All The Family

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It's been just over a year now since our home had a full makeover and we are starting to get ready for the big Spring clean as the lighter nights and brighter days start to come through. Thinking about what needs to be done It got me thinking that the bathroom we have now is probably three times bigger than the one we started with when we first moved into our home.

We moved into our home in 2003, and it was a small semi-detached house which was great for a first home with it being just the two of us adults and a 1 year old.  Back then the bathroom we had was in a completely different position to where it is now. We had a small bath, with toilet and sink and very little room for anything else!  But that was enough at the time and I remember getting a bath every morning before work as we didn't have a shower.  I don't know where I would find the time these days for that!

As Big J  grew the house felt a bit small and we realised that we where spending all of our time out and about as the house just didn't have enough room for all of us. We decided on an extension of both the downstairs and upstairs as we didn't really want to move and we had the space available to be able to extend.  I remember a big decision was to move the bathroom to the back of the home so that we could have some more space in the newly extended section.  The bathroom was much bigger then we had been used to, however we had only a shower within the bath to start with, and again this seemed fine at the time, although we did go through numerous shower dividers and curtains so it never really felt ideal. It was nice to have the space but it was never right

Finally last year we decided on some further changes to the bathroom as part of a wider re-modernisation job to the home.  As we now had Little J and Big J was a teenager we felt it be more suitable to have a walk in shower completely separate from the bath so that Big J  could spend as long as he wanted to be in the shower without affecting anyone else's ability to use the bathroom, and we also increased the size of the bath so that Little J could have more splashing fun than he had been used to before.

Looking back over the changes we have made to our home reminds me of how much the family has grown, and how the environment around always needs to be adapting and changing to meet the needs of out family.  I am so glad that we opted for the separate shower as it gives us all the freedom we would want when it comes to this important part of our daily routine.  No longer do I need to find 30 minutes in the morning to run a bath and get clean, I can hop into the shower which is ready in seconds, scrub away and be out in minutes.   Big J loves it, he has about three showers a day which is probably too many, but that's teenagers for you!   Little J has now started to want showers too and is now starting to just have a bath for playtime.


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  1. I love that you have stayed in your home but made changes to make it ideal for yourself. We have moved into our first home and can imagine us making similar changes - we love it and can't imagine leaving!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  2. That is a lovely bathroom, I am itching to redesign ours as it is six years old now

  3. The changes you've made to the bathroom are absolutely impressive, I do love that it has both the tub and shower cubicle, this is my dream bathroom.

  4. I'm so jealous you've managed to increase the size of your bathroom. Ours is so tiny and I'm desperate for more space!

  5. Oh it’s gorgeous, what a lovely design

  6. We changed our bath to a shower room as well and its so convenient. Baths usually waste so much water and I find it quite unhygenic so a quick shower before work is such a great way to wake up!

  7. Oo what a lovely bathroom, it looks so fresh and modern and perfect for a family to use! Our bathroom is tiny but functional (we rent at the moment so no option to change) however when we do finally but our own home I really want a big bath I can relax in!

  8. Oh wow your bathroom is lovely and perfect as a family bathroom. We had ours done this year too and it feels so much more family friendly!

  9. I love the changes that you've made, and just which we were able to expand ours.

  10. Beautiful bathroom - love the colours & the wall tiling! XX

  11. Can't wait to get ours done too - yours looks fab


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