Our Family Fortnight | Fun, Fun and More Fun

We've had quite a busy but very fun fortnight. We have spent most of the time indoors as the weather has been crazy here. One minute it is sunny, next it is raining, then really windy and then hailstones. I think one day last week we had all four seasons in one day! I have to say that I am looking forward to  brighter and dry days but we've made the most of the fortnight and had lots of fun. 
As always most of the week is taken up by football. Both boys do football three times a week and when they are not playing matches we are usually in the garden playing it. There was one really bad day last week when we were watching little J play and the heavens just opened. I haven't seen rain like it for a long time. They all carried on regardless even though it was freezing.

Little J has been thinking about his birthday a lot over the last few months and he is desperate to have a birthday party. Big J would always have a birthday party but its not something we have done for little J yet so i am thinking we may book one for him. He will be so excited.

We visited Flip Out last week which is a trampoline park that has just opened not too far from us. It was brilliant. Little J loved it and even big J joined in and was practising his flips into the foam pit. He also won wipe out too so he was very happy with himself.

Little J went on a school trip this fortnight. He was really excited about it as it was to visit a castle. They have been learning about castles in school especially during National Fairytale Week. The weather was awful on the morning they left however it was blue skies by late morning which was a relief as they had planned to do lots of activities outside too.

Another day out was planned to Play Factore in Manchester. We were invited along to try out the new VR section. We've never been to Play Factore before, it's huge. There is so much to do. Little J loved the play area, the go karts, the football pitch and laser tag. John and big J loved the VR section. It looked amazing and I can imagine it to be a very popular addition.

Other than our fun days out we have just had nice play days at home. Little J is definitely an outdoors child so being stuck in on wet days can make him a little stir crazy but we played lots of games and activities to keep him busy.

What Have We Got Planned For The Next Fortnight?

The March Disney Wisdom Collection is out on the 18th. I cannot wait to buy it. This month is Baloo, he is so cute.

We have little J's parent / teacher review. We don't have any concerns so we are hoping it's all good.

I am getting my hair done and it's about 2 months overdue. I cannot wait to have a nice cut.

Lots of birthdays to celebrate and also one to remember. It will be 9 years since our daughter Isabella was stillborn. They say time is a healer and it does get easier each year but this time of year always makes me extra sad. I always think what would our lives have been like if she was still here with us.

Have you got any exciting plans this fortnight?



  1. I saw the Baloo bear in the Disney store, he looks great! You should definitely get it!

  2. Oh wow it sounds like you have had a pretty busy but fun fortnight! I can totally sympathise with the football thing, my son swims (four times a week atm) and so we always seem to be at the pool or at a swim gala lol! Flip out looks awesome, we keep meaning to visit our local one but haven't been yet so this has reminded me to go book tickets for us!

  3. It looks like you guys had a great fortnight. We went to a trampoline park for the very first time the other week and absolutely loved it :)

    Louise x

  4. some great ideas, we have tons of ideas for outdoor activities but do struggle with indoor ideas

  5. Looks like you all had brilliant fun - we love our local trampoline place too


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