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Have you ever wanted to open a letter or parcel but you know that you shouldn't because the circumstances could be catastrophic. Well last week a parcel arrived and we were desperate to take a peek inside but the box was clearly marked with a warning. Did we package the parcel back up and return to sender? Nope, however looking back now that could have been the better option. Inside our package was a Fuggler, I don't think I have seen anything as ugly in my life and those teeth... they are  insane. It is quite clear that our Fuggler was sent to us to turn our normal happy home into chaos.

As soon as he chewed his way out of the box he wanted to have a look around. We stepped back and let him get used to his new home.

He wandered in to the living room popped on the TV and grabbed our console controller. It seems a Fuggler likes to play computer games, just like the boys.

Once he was bored of playing, thats when the chaos begun. He tipped out all of little J's dinosaurs and was trying to scare them although they didn't seem scared of him at all, not even when he showed them his teeth.

Using his teeth he sat happily for a little while and coloured in a picture.

Little J pointed out that "he has buttons for eyes" and "his teeth are hard just like mine"

He also has a button for a bum too.

They played together happily with the cars and the garage...

... until our Fuggler decided to climb up to the top of the garage and started throwing the cars all over the floor. It was kind of like a King Kong climbing up the Empire State Building moment.

So our Fuggler has been with us for a week and he has settled in to our routine very well. Little J enjoys cleaning our Fugglers teeth and looks after him. He absolutely loves him and he has even made it in to his collection of 'bed teddies' which is a privilege.

If you are brave enough to adopt a Fuggler then you can check out the range available from Spinmaster online and they are available to buy at most good toy shops and online at Amazon


We received our Fuggler for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.

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