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When we were asked if we wanted to review Ready 2 Robot I said yes straight away as I had already read about the range and knew little J would love them. Ready 2 Robot is a very similar to LOL dolls in where there are lots of different surprises as you unwrap. Little J is really into bling bag type toys and if he's not buying similar toys with his pocket money he's watching kids open them on You Tube Kids.

Each pack contains a surprise character and you have to unwrap to find out who you have. Every layer has a different part which you use to build the robot.

 The more you unwrap the more parts you will find including

2 x Arms
2 x Weapons
2 x Legs
1 x Cockpit
1 x Pot Of Slime
1 x Pilot

The Bot Blaster twin pack is Good Vs Evil. Quickly opens the 2 capsules to find out who is the good and the bad.

Once you have built your robots they will be ready to fight, which one will get slimed?

Ready 2 Robots are available in most good toys stores and online.


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