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Little J loves playing with Dinosaurs and why not? They are big, scary and cool and playing dinosaurs gives you the chance to roar loudly, stomp your feet and pretend you are the most powerful creature to ever roam the Earth. When we were sent the Schleich Dino Set With Cave I knew little J would love it. He already has dinosaur figures so adding more to his collection and also a play set would definitely enhance his play.

The carnivorous Herrerasaurus roams hungrily around the dinosaur cave. The Microraptor is easily able to hide from it because it is small. But the Psittacosaurus only has one opportunity to escape: run away. But what's that? A rockfall threatens to bury the animals. Will the three dinos escape?

As soon as we opened the box little J was drawn to the dinosaur skull so he was happy to play with that whilst I set up the cave. It only took a few minutes and we were ready to play.

The set comes with three dinosaurs, a Herrerasaurus, a Psittacosaurus and a Microraptor. These are not the typical dinosaurs that we are used to playing with so it was nice to learn some new dinosaur names. After playing we actually googled the names of the dinosaurs on the Schleich website so we could learn more about them.

The Herrerasaurus was one of the first prehistoric saurians to dominate the earth 220 million years ago. It was a dangerous hunter who moved on two legs and had sharp, serrated teeth.

The Herrerasaurus was somewhat small compared with the Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus, who lived much later on. It was only three to four metres long. In return, its legs were very strong, and it could sprint about as fast as a 100-metre runner. For a dinosaur, the Herrerasaurus had a rather unusual lower jaw, which it could slide back and forth by means of a flexible joint. This allowed it to better grasp its prey. It was named after the Argentinian goatherd Victorino Herrera, who chanced upon its skeleton in 1959.

The Psittacosaurus was a small, lightweight dinosaur that lived over 100 million years ago. For a dinosaur, it had a rather unusual appearance. Its toothless beak resembled that of a parrot. The carnivore used this beak to crack fruits and seeds. Its tail was equipped with about as many long and thin spines as a porcupine.

The Microraptor was one of the smallest raptors. From head to tail the Microraptor’s body length was only 40-80 cm. When they were hungry they preyed on animals that were bigger than them. The Microraptor fed on reptiles and vertebrates.

The front part of the cave can be transformed into a catapult. When the stone column is moved, the stone slab buries everything under it.

Cool fossil print

I would definitely recommend the Schleich Dino Set with Cave. It's a good quality set and is perfect to either enjoy as a stand alone toy or add to your collection.

For more information visit Schleich. The Dino set with Cave is available to buy in most good toys stores and online.


We received the Schleich Dino Set with Cave for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

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