Limassol Wine Festival, Cyprus 2018

We have visited Cyprus a few times now and have another holiday planned. Other than the Disney parks its our favourite place to visit. Whenever you visit a new country or resort you are naturally a little nervous about what it will be like but as soon as we went to Cyprus we fell in love. Everyone is so friendly and families are more than welcome on the island. John and I were actually thinking about going to Cyprus, just the two of us for a little break and to experience one of it's many festivals it celebrates throughout the year. The Limassol Wine Festival looks amazing and it's the perfect time of year for us too in August / September.

Limassol has got a reputation for being the wine capital of Cyprus due to the wine festival taking place every year and has done since 1961. It began as a tribute to the island's wine making tradition, dedicated to the God of Wine Dionysos and the Goddess of Beauty and Love Aphrodite.

If you have visited Limassol before the festival actually takes place in the city park facing the waterfront so a perfect location to sip local wine and taste Cypriot food.

You can always rely on fantastic entertainment and performances from artistic groups.

The festival usually opens early evening to just before midnight. It is open to adults and children over the age of 6.

Upon arrival there is a small fee for entering the festival however it looks really good so I wouldn't mind paying usual fee of €5 and €3 for children.

The festival this year opens on the 31st August and continues to run until 10th September.

There is a programme available online which has lots of information about the festival and also what entertainment is on each day.

There are usually shuttle buses to and from the festival from local train and bus stations. However if you are driving there is a very large free car park close to the festival.

As this is something for just John and I we would only be looking to visit for a few days so when it comes to booking the trip we would be on a budget. We will definitely be browsing the web looking for the best deals and would probably consider Holiday Gems - Cheap Holidays

Have you been to a festival like this? We would love to know which ones as there are just so many out there around the world.

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