Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Designing My Home Office

You may have read my post recently about the pros and cons of working from home. Whilst I love having the opportunity to be able to work from home unfortunately at the moment I don't have a work space or office. As I don't have a desk I tend to just sit at the kitchen table which frustrates me sometimes as all my 'stuff' is spread about everywhere and I don't have anywhere to store it. I would absolutely love my own space in our home to sit at and do my work and I have lots of ideas on how I would decorate it.

A Corner Desk
Ideally I would like to have a corner desk. I think they look so much neater and are perfect if you are short on space. I work from a Macbook so I don't need space for a monitor or keyboard however I would like the desk to have at least two drawers at the side so I have some storage space.

My work space would definitely have to be colourful and bright. I would have lots of pastel coloured pots and mini drawers to keep my pens, pencils and other stationary bits in.

Near A Window
No matter what the weather I love being able to look out the window. A few years ago I had a desk under the window and it was amazing how many thoughts and ideas would pop in to my head as I gazed outside.

Neat and Tidy
I would want everything to have a place and not just dumped on the desk. I like to be organised and couldn't work from a messy work space.

Just For Me
Most importantly I would want my work space to be just for me. I wouldn't want the boys doing their  homework at my desk or borrowing my stationary. It would be a completely child free zone.

The other things to consider is whether the desk is by a power source which is obviously very important if using a computer, laptop etc. I would also like to have a good solid chair that will support my back. You can get some ideas of home office furniture at as the ranges of desks, chairs and storage units is huge.

Do you work from home? Do you work from a home office or work space?


*photo credit to Becky Pink at Pinks Charming*

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  1. It would be lovely to have a desk that was just mine, at the minute I share a desk with my husband so nothing is where I left it when I go back!

  2. It's so much easier to work at home when you have a dedicated space that you can have just for yourself. I love the idea of the corner desk as it gives you a lot of workspace but still doesn't look too big.

  3. This would be a perfect space. At the moment I tend to do most of my work from the kitchen table which isn't great either. I look forward to seeing how your space evolves.

  4. I work from home and it has taken ages to find a space...and then to organise it...and then keep it organised. I am lucky to have a spare room but I hate the desk I have - it just doesn't work for the space but I haven't found anything yet I love. I do love that all my pens etc are off my desk and in little baskets hanging on the wall - I can get to them easily but they're off the desk.

  5. I have a little desk in my office and a lock on the door to keep my toddler out - it's the only room in the house with a lock. I don't find the space very conductive for working though. Need to go back to the design board and think again of how I want it to look and feel.

  6. That's a very nice set-up. A corner desk is very practical; lots of arm and leg space.


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