Our Sunday Photo #1 - Christmas Is Over

7 January 2018

Happy New Year Everyone. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. A week ago our fireplace was covered in tinsel, twinkling lights, candles and lots of other festive decorations but now it is so bare and I don't like it. If I am honest I was desperate for the decorations to come down as after the toy explosion that was Christmas the house felt cluttered and dusty and in need of a big clean but now it just looks so miserable.

We usually have lots of Disney Christmas teddies scattered around however they all went back up in the loft shortly after Christmas. We just had no space as the living room was just filled with toys. We then decided to put all our decorations down on the 3rd which is early for us as we do usually last till at least the 6th.

Our next job is to find a home for all the toys. I can feel a trip to ikea will be soon as their storage boxes and units are the best, we already have quite a few already. I may also buy a few things for the living room too as it really does feel empty.

What do you when the Christmas decorations come down? Do you embrace the feeling of clean and tidy or do you try to fill the house with other stuff? I am thinking we need some more photos around the house and maybe a new lamp.

I am sure I will get used to the 'bare' feeling and the reminder that we have to wait 50 weeks until it's Christmas again.


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