Our Sunday Photo - 01/10/2017

Last night we headed up to Blackpool to see the Blackpool lights. It's something we do every year but usually we have our winter coats on, hats, scarves, gloves etc but yesterday we just had our rain macs on. It wasn't very cold yesterday so it didn't really feel right seeing the lights on a warm day. We are so used to walking round Blackpool with the cold wind on our face. We might have to take another trip up before they finish. Anyone else been to see the lights yet?


  1. Lovely photo, I used to love going see Blackpool lights as a child.

  2. We've not to been to Blackpool for years! We really must go again next year...

  3. I have not been since the 1980's but hoping to move back up north soon so will try to see them next year :)


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