The Lion Guard Defend The Pride Lands Play Set Review

Being huge Disney fans we are quite shocked that we haven't sat down yet and watched The Lion Guard TV series which is based on The Lion King movies. We've heard of it and it has been on our 'to watch' list for a while. When we were asked to review The Lion Guard - Defend The Pride Lands Play Set it gave us the excuse to sit down and watch an episode before it arrived. Little J loved it as did I. It's a lovely series following Kion, Simba's youngest cub.

When the play set arrived little J was so excited. We had watched quite a few episodes so he instantly recognised Kion who is included.

The play set includes lots of interactive features. The ledge above collapses when you place a figure on it and press the button.

This then makes the figure fall in to the bone trap. You can then close the bone trap manually to capture your figure. 

You can press a button above the waterfall which fires the boulder.

Little J's favourite is the working vine lift. You gently pull the lift to the bottom, pop in a figure and press the button on the tree which raises the lift.

The is also a trap door just next to the waterfall. Press the tree to the left and the trap door opens making the figure fall through to the bottom. 

The waterfall can be raised upwards which then forms a hiding place behind.

Or it can be lowered. There are little beads inside so when moved you can hear a 'whooshing' noise.

Since it arrived we haven't purchased any extra figures however little J is asking Father Christmas for some and he has also spotted another Lion Guard set in the toy shop so he is hoping to expand his collection. For now he has been using other figures and his cars to enhance his play time. 


What We Loved

The play set is colourful and durable. 

Lots of interactive features to encourage little ones to play. 

Little J likes the bone trap and lift especially to trap his toy cars in. 

Extra figures are available so play can be enhanced further.

What Could Improve

A hyena figure would have been a perfect addition to the play set. As there are trap doors and bone traps you want there to be another figure included but unfortunately this will have to be bought separately. 


The Lion Guard - Defend The Pride Lands is available in most toys stores, online and you can get more information on the range by visiting Flair PLC.


  1. Looks do much fun Perfect for interactive play

  2. I've seen a few pictures of this around, but not a full review before, thanks for that! It does sound like a lot of fun.

  3. Makes me wish I had a little one and reflect how much kids miss out when it all ends up being about video games. Having said that they do still love all things Lion King so you never know! Like how you suggest improvements in your review

  4. This looks great fun, I hope Santa brought Little J some more figures as he seems to be playing really nicely with it! It certaily looks to held attention and boost imagination. #PlaydaysandRunways

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