Annabel Karmel Frozen Meals Review

When it comes to mealtimes I have mentioned before that I do like to cook from scratch but realistically there are days when this does not happen. Being a parent it's busy, busy, busy and there are days when I just have to throw something together quickly if we are running late and I haven't had time to prepare something. Having said that I still make sure what we eat isn't junk and that it is something that is nutritious and healthy. When we were asked to try out Annabel Karmel Frozen Meals I took a look at the website and the products and I was impressed. Annabel Karmel has turned her best-loved children’s recipes into nutritionally balanced freezer fillers for parents like me that have days when we are just too busy to cook.

Annabel has combined her 25 years of kids food expertise with a natural freezing process to create a nutritionally balanced range of ready-frozen favourites that toddlers and children aged 1+ will love.

Hidden Veggie Bolognese

The range which includes Mummy’s Fish Pie; Chicken, Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta; Tasty Beef Cottage Pie and Hidden Veggie Bolognese were well received here. At first I wasn't sure whether they would be enough for little J as the range is for age 1+ but I was surprised by the portion size and they  are perfect for lunch time on their own or with lots of vegetables at dinner time.

The range which is naturally frozen has one of your five a day in each meal and is low in salt and free from artificial additives or preservatives. Using British beef and responsibly sourced fish, the expert range has also received an added seal of approval from leading nutritionist and dietician Sarah Almond Bushell.


What We Loved

Healthy and Nutritious

Meal in minutes

4 delicious flavours to choose from

Suitable from age 1 years+ although they offer a decent portion size.

What Could Improve

More meals to choose from.


It's reassuring to know that on busy days little J can still have a healthy meal in minutes and I don't feel as guilty for not being able to prepare a meal from scratch. I know all parents feel this guilt at some point but being a parent is hard work and this range has really given me one less thing to worry about.

Discover the new range by visiting Annabel Karmel for more information. You can also check out Annabel Karmel's Busy Mums Cookbook which has 100 simple, delicious family recipes.

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