Epic Moments From The Middle Earth Collection

This week I have noticed that Christmas is already everywhere. Shops, adverts on TV, Online ads, you can’t get away from it and its not even 5th November yet. This got me thinking about some of the traditions we have at home for Christmas, one of which is to watch the extended editions of all three Lord Of The Rings movies, we attempt this usually in one epic sitting when Little J and Big J are having their Christmas day out with their grandparents.

That in turn led me to start thinking about the fact that now there isn’t just the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, but also The Hobbit trilogy is now available.  How much of an epic sitting would it need to be to watch all of those in one go. I think I may be putting the Middle Earth 6 film boxset on my Christmas list. 

As we have had this tradition for around 10 years now there are a number of scenes from each film that I often find myself quoting in day to day life - some very annoying for the family, I mean who wants to hear ‘Whats ‘Tatoes Precious’ at least once a week in a Gollumish voice, or ‘Why can’t we have some meat?’ spoken like a true Orc when dinner is not meat orientated.  Not many people I would think  - however this is what my family put up with on a regular basis.

I thought it would be good to share my favourite ‘epic moment’ from each of the six Tolkien inspired movies. So here it goes . . .

Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring

For me, this has to be the scene where before The Hobbits have even reached Bree they are being hunted by the Ringwraiths.  My favourite scene is where having been chased to the waters edge by a Ringwraith, the party jump onto the Buckleberry Ferry.  Merry shouts to the others that the next crossing for the Wraiths is Brandywine Bridge, Twenty Miles, before the Wraith screams away headed quickly in that direction.  Amazing moment.

Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers 

This has to be the Gollum Vs Smeagol scene from early on in the film.  In this epic moment, you can really begin to understand the psychotic behaviour attributed to the poor creature.  Sneaky little Hobbitses, Gollum feels that they have stolen the precious,  with Smeagol convinced that the master won’t hurt him.  I love this part of the film .

Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King

I love all the dark creatures that Tolkien had the vision to create. The Witch King is my favourite of all.  As Frodo tries to climb the steps by Minas Morgul on his way to meet Shelob (not that he knows that at this point) we are treated to the With King making his way out of Minas Morgul on his Fell Beast. Very powerful scene and definitely one of my favourites of the entire trilogy.

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey

My favourite part of the first instalment of The Hobbit was the final scene. Bilbo tells his companions that the worst is behind them. Cut to Smaug opening his huge eye, buried deep in the dark of Erabor, confirming what we all suspected that this isn’t actually the case - then leaving us a whole year in suspense was the perfect ending for the first film.

The Hobbit - The Desolation Of Smaug

The surprise addition of the battle between Gandalf and Sauron ( named as the necromancer in this film ) was a highlight for me.  I love the original trilogy and even a cursory nod to it would have delighted me.  Here Sauron imprisons Gandalf at Dol Goldur, presumably not wanting to kill him as this would have warned others of his arrival to Middle Earth. Great imagination form the writers to look to tie the trilogies together in some way

The Hobbit - The Battle of The Five Armies

The Battle to end all battles.  In this brutal sequence so much happens. Fili and Kili die, breaking Tauriels heart. Legolas kills Bolg and Thorin and Azog face off on a frozen lake.  The ice makes the whole scene feel cold and deathly and the battle is as cold is the ice itself.

Having read that back to myself I find myself thinking its not very Christmassy at all! But traditions are traditions and I can’t wait to watch them all again.

What are your favourite epic moments from the trilogies? Its great that there are so many to choose from, I would love to see what you think.

To celebrate the release of the Middle Earth 6 film collection I am offering one lucky reader the chance to win the boxset. Just head over to Twitter for the chance to win.


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  1. Great - Thanks for posting :)

  2. I went to the cinema with my mum to see the first one, and fell asleep as we didn't realise it was so long, ha

  3. have wanted to watch this film for so long it would be great to watch in my own time so great prize good luck to all


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