Blogtober16 #5 What Career Did I Want As A Child?

5 October 2016

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to work with children. It was all I could imagine myself doing. When I was really young I used to line all my dolls up and pretend I was the teacher and they were children in my classroom. As I got older I would play school with my friends and I would always be the teacher, no-one else got a look in.

When I was in senior school I went back to my old primary school to help out for two weeks. It was a kind of work experience. I was reading to two girls and I remember thinking at that moment 'This is what I want to do'

I then moved on to baby sitting. I would look after a little boy who lived in our road. I would have him all day a few times a week while his parents went to work during school holidays. I then shifted my thoughts to a child minder rather than a teacher. I liked the idea of looking after babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

When I left school I stayed on at sixth form but transferred to college. I got a Saturday job in a shop, which then turned to part time then full time and before I knew it, it was two years later. My ambition to work with children fizzled away which is really sad.

I then went to work in banking. I was there for 9 years and it was only really after having Big J that I realised that I really still wanted to work with children.

So I got myself motivated which is hard when you have been in a job for so long. I helped out in our local school and went back to college to do my NVQ's. After hard work and determination I became a qualified Nursery Nurse.


  1. Thats great, at least you're finally doing what you wanted to do

  2. Well done you
    It's a fabulous achievement

  3. I wanted to be a high flying Lawyer when I was a child. I wanted to put all criminals in prison by proving they were guilty

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  5. I wanted to be a florist in primary school; a writer in high school; then I shifted to librarian; then I shifted to classroom worker; then I shifted to teacher...I've go an almost full circle now and am doing what I love - being a writer.


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