Monday, 3 October 2016

Blogtober16 #3 If I Won The Lottery

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We do the lottery every week and although I know we will never win that doesn't stop me daydreaming about what I would do if we did win. If I won the lottery now I would stop everything I was doing and go online to book a holiday to Florida. That is my dream and I couldn't think about doing anything else until I've been on that holiday.

 I love Disney and have done all my life. Daddy now loves Disney and the boys have been brought up with Disney around them whether its movies, toys or music, its everywhere in our home. We have been to Disneyland Paris many times but we have never ventured across the Atlantic to Walt Disney World. Why? Circumstances over the years have always stopped us.

Disneyland Paris at Christmas time is so magical.

When we were financially in a position to go to Florida we thought big J was too young and maybe wouldn't enjoy it as much as he would when he was older. Then trying for a baby got in the way as we didn't want to plan anything in case I fell pregnant. Then before we knew it big J was 10 so we decided to give up hope on having another and the next year we would have our dream holiday but another dream came true when little J arrived.

So now we have been waiting for little J to get a little bit older so he can enjoy it. I am hoping that next year we will be able to visit Disney in Florida whether we win the lottery or not.



  1. Florida is amazing - would love to take my niece and nephew there someday.

  2. Disney in Florida is magical. We loved every minute. I hope you get to go next year #Blogtober16

  3. I hope you make it someday, we are hoping to go to Florida too! Maybe we'll see you there?! Ha!

  4. Another thing I'd forgotten about, holidays! I'd definitely have to pick Florida to without a doubt it's my dream to go!

    Tasha x

  5. Disney is the dream holiday isn't it! I hope you get to go next year x

  6. I didn't even think about holidays as Little M is tiny at the moment and we feel like we wouldn't be able to do all of the things we'd like to until she's older. Once she is though, I think it would be amazing to go to Disney World! I've never been to a Disney park but was always jealous of my childhood friends who went, so it would be lovely to be able to provide that for Little M.

  7. Ah everything happens for a reason; so glad you got Little J - I was hooked on that story! #Blogtober16 x

  8. I hope your Disney Dreams come true, have you tried wishing on a star? x

  9. You will love Florida. Always great to have a dream.

  10. Magical
    I'll make it here someday
    It would be a dream come true

  11. It would be lovely to win the lottery and just go, but at least your dream could become a reality even without the lottery win! I'm not sure if I could manage such a long flight as i'm not good on a plane!


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