Blogtober16 #1 Who Am I?

1 October 2016

This year I have decided to take part in Blogtober. Each day there is a different topic to write about and today's topic is an easy one as it's all about me. Who Am I? If you don't already know my name is Michelle and I am chief blogger here at Mummy 2 Monkeys. I am a 30 something Mummy to 2 boys who are my world. I am married and have been for 6 years although we have been together for 16 years . . . eek. That's such a long time ha ha.

Here is the A to Z of Me.

A is for Alton Towers
There is something very special about Alton Towers. I have so many amazing memories there some before I met daddy and had a family. My most special memory is 20th October 2001 when Daddy proposed to me during the fireworks display.

B is for Breaking Bad
I wasn't too fussed about this but once I watched the first episode I was hooked. It's absolutely amazing and I can't wait to watch it again.

C is for Competitions
I love entering competitions, I used to enter thousands every week. i really hope one day I will be able to enter them again.

D is for Disney
It's quite obvious to those that know me that I love anything and everything Disney. I think my passion began the day I watched Mary Poppins. I was only young but I was entranced. I think I used to watch it every day after school.

E is for Everton 
Although I am not fussed about football the boys love it and are true blues.

F is for Frozen
Love this film and even though I have heard 'let it go' a gazillion times. I still love it. There is something very magical about Frozen plus its the first Disney movie little J watched. 

G is for Grey's Anatomy
Started watching this again and have just finished season five. I love Grey's Anatomy and cannot wait to catch up to the seasons that I have never seen. I think I haven't watched past season nine

H is Home
 Best place on earth. I am definitely a home bird and love spending time pottering round my home. 

I is for Internet 
I honestly couldn't live without it.

J is for John
 I couldn't ask for a more amazing husband and Daddy to our boys. Daddy is everything to me and I couldn't imagine my life without him. 

K is for KitKat Chunky
 My favourite chocolate bar ever, especially peanut butter flavour.

L is for Liverpool
The best city in the world

M is for Mummy 
I absolutely love being a Mummy to my boys. I have always wanted to be a Mum ever since I was little.

N is for New York City
The best day of my life was when Daddy and I married in NYC. I had always wanted to get married in New York and in 2010 Daddy made my dreams come true.

O is for OMG
I love using OMG in text messages.

P is for Peanut Butter 
Only found out that I like this last year and ever since I have been hooked.

Q is for Quizzes
I love creating quizzes for big J and Daddy. I love coming up with lots of different questions and they are usually very hard. 

R is Romance
I think it's important to keep romance alive in a relationship. Me and Daddy enjoy spending time together without the monkeys.

S is Shopping 
I'm not like most women who love shopping for clothes and shoes, I would rather be in the Disney store.

T is Tea
 I love a cup of tea first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Daddy makes the best tea ever.

U is for Ursula
My favourite Disney villain. 

V is for Vegas
 It's definitely on my bucket list. I did want to go for my 40th until little J came along. He would be too young to go really when I hit the big 40 so we will have to think of something else.

W is for Woo
A nickname we have for little J.

X is for X-Ray
I have never ever been in a X-Ray with the boys. I don't like going in so Daddy has too. Not sure why just one of those things in life that I don't like.

Y is You
 Without my readers my blog wouldn't be a success so thanks for taking the time to pop over.

Z is Zilch 
because I can't think of anything.


  1. Michelle, that was a fantastic way to do a who am I, love your A-Z :) I'm also a big Frozen fan!! #Blogtober16 x

  2. Ahh what a great post! I love Disney too 😀 I need to get writing! X

  3. You only discovered peanut butter last year?! Crunchy or smooth? I'm a Disney fan too x #blogtober16

  4. This is such a great way to do an all about me! I wish I had thought of that! :)


  5. Ahh! Why didn't I think of doing an A to Z of me.
    So lovely to find out more about you!

  6. I love your A - Z about you. We have recently started watching Greys Anatomy too and loving it x

  7. love it ! but cant imagine that you have only just found out you like peanut butter. How can you reach adulthood without trying it!!! wow all those peanut butter years lost! Have you tried marmite yet lol ?

  8. Hello - I love the A-Z twist on this about me post! Getting married in NYC sounds amazing. I'm really intrigued by the competition entering and if you have ever won anything big. I'm with you on Breaking Bad that show owned me until we had finished watching every episode #Blogtober

  9. Welcome to #Blogtober16 what a brilliant post to introduce yourself! I am a huge disney fan, we went to Disneyland Paris for my 40th, maybe you could do that and do Vegas for your 50th! I used to enter competitions all the time before I started blogging, I won lots of prizes, my best win was a years shopping at Aldi! I am looking forward to reading all about you and the 2 monkeys during the month xxx

  10. I would love to have got married in NYC. It is a city I would love to visit!


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