We Are Part Of The Netflix Stream Team

When we were contacted by Netflix to ask us to be part of the Netflix Stream Team I was so excited. Mummy and I absolutely love watching movies and tv programmes but like most people we find everyday life takes over and it’s just impossible to sit down and watch live tv. We would rather watch movies at a time that suits us and we also love to watch tv programmes as boxsets so there is no long wait in-between episodes.

As part of the Netflix Stream Team we will be letting our readers know the latest news when it comes to Netflix and also offering recommendations of movies and tv that we are watching. 

To start us off we were a sent a fun Netflix fortune teller. The fortune teller is a fun way to choose a movie or tv show to watch from a number of different genres.  Now - if we ever did get time to watch a movie or tv show, sometimes we would spend a decent amount of time trying to choose what to watch. We usually record whats on the tv and then try and work through what on earth we had recorded!  

So - as an introduction to Netflix and a good way to get stuck into the amount of content available we took the challenge to build create own own Netflix fortune teller, with genres and content to be picked by the game. 

The best part about this for me was that in order to work out what to add to the teller you needed to look through the genres to see whats there.  I don't usually look for a movie by genre as so many movies now cross genres to appeal to a wider audience.  However, the Netflix genres are surprisingly accurate and the same movie may appear on more than one genre covering the cross genre movies and tv shows.  I honestly cant start to guess the total number of movies and shows that Netflix offers.  It is a huge catalogue, easily accessible and the streaming really is superb. 

The other key feature I noted that is great for us is the ability to set up individual profiles. You can set your favourite movies / tv at the beginning when you set your profile up and Netflix will make recommendations for you based on these.  As we all have different tastes this is perfect. 

You can also set profiles as children's profiles so your little ones don't end up watching the latest horror by accident! 

Using our fortune teller we landed on trending now and decided on The Best Of Me. It's a romantic movie starring Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden. Mummy will fill you in on the movie in another post but I will say it's a great movie.

We will be writing more over the coming months from Netflix, and helping to bring you the news on the latest content and recommendations for you and the little ones.  We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of content - although with support for tv, Xbox, PS4, iPad, iPhone and Android boxes and phones, I am sure that wherever we are we will find a little time to do some searching and adding to our watch lists.  

Do you have Netflix? What are you watching?

*we are part of the Netflix Stream Team. We have received a years subscription to Netflix for the purpose of the Netflix posts*


  1. I have been thinking about Netflix for some time so your post has given me a little nudge in the right direction. Thanks.

  2. Netflix is brilliant, i think its changed tv forever

  3. We did try Netflix at one point, but then we discovered the Amazon Fire stick - and never went back.


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