Little J's Bed Time

3 June 2016

When it comes to sleeping my two boys are completely the opposite, they couldn't be more different if they tried. When big J was younger he wouldn't sleep at all. He was awake all day and most of the night. We tried everything from getting in to bed with him to sleeping on his floor, anything to try and get a few hours sleep. He was permanently tired and so were we. Little J on the other hand is awake all day and sleeps all night and has done since he was a baby. He went in his own room in his cot and would quite happily fall asleep on his own and still does now. He goes to bed awake and within 10-15 minutes he is snoring.

Now big J is a teenager he obviously loves his bed and its hard to get him out of it sometimes and little J wakes when he is ready and all is great when it comes to sleep. However we do have a slight problem when it comes to little J, it is the time he goes to sleep. Now I have mentioned this to the health visitor and she didn't seem concerned but I am a little.

Every night about 4.30pm he is ready for his bed. It's like a switch goes off and he goes in to bedtime routine mode. We head up for a bath which we try to drag out as long as possible, Pj's on, bedtime stories and in bed for about 5:15pm and asleep by 5:30pm.

He usually (unless he is unwell) sleeps right through until morning - around 13 hours sleep. He has always slept for a good 12-13 hours and during the day he is happy and content and doesn't get grumpy so I know he must need this sleep. The thing that bothers me is the time he goes its just so early but I know that if he needs 12-13 hours and we have to be up for work and school then it is the right time. I've just never heard of any ones children going to bed so early. It can be quite a rush sometimes getting him to have his dinner early.

I did a little research online and there was lots of information about times our children should go to  bed and how long our little ones should sleep for. It seems little J is spot on for the amount of hours he needs and what he actually has. I was a little worried but then I guess I should be happy that he is sleeping as much as he needs.

Based on Age the recommended hours of sleep is as follows

0 - 2 months - 10.5-18 hours sleep

2 - 12 months - 14-15 hours sleep 

1 - 3 years - 12-14 hours sleep

3 - 5 years - 11-13 hours sleep

5 - 12 years - 10-11 hours sleep

So this tells us that little J needs 11-13 hours a day and because he doesn't nap during the day then he has it all at night. 

The Fine Bedding Company - Junior Range. 

We are soon moving little J from his toddler bed to a single bed. It's all ordered and we are waiting for its arrival. I'm hoping he makes the transition as easy as he did from cot to bed. We have searched the Internet for new bedding as his old duvet and covers won't fit his new bed. We love that The Fine Bedding Company has a new junior range. First on the list was a waterproof mattress cover as little J will hopefully be night time potty training very soon so the mattress cover will help with any little accidents.

I'm hoping little J will like his new bed and I think having a clear and consistent bedtime routine since he was little will continue to help. 

Our routine has always been 

PJ's on
Gather teddies ready for bedtime cuddles
2 stories that he chooses from his books
We then pop the two books next to his bed
Kisses and a cuddle
Tuck in
Nightlight on
Door closed over 

We usually hear him talking to himself or looking at one of the books, reading the story in his own words then we hear snoring.

I do think it's important to have a routine.

Do you have one with your child? Also I would love to know whether your little one goes to bed early too?



  1. Ah, sleep - or not! Yes, then children are so different. One could sleep on a plank at a moment's notice and another struggles to settle - always. Routine is important and so is creating a bedroom that feels safe and relaxing.

  2. This is a very interesting post - thank you!

  3. Creating a routine is key to getting a child settled but all children need different sleep routines!

  4. We have tried to create a routine but struggle as our kids share bedrooms which means they disturb each other.

  5. I don't have children but from everything I have seen and read, a routine is a must and that includes sticking to it at weekends. My nephew was the same as big J, never slept, so my sister had a clock painted onto his bedroom wall which was set to 7pm and that was bedtime, then when the actual clock on the wall struck 7pm he knew it was bedtime and eventually he just started going without any fuss x

  6. Definitely would never complain about 12-13 hours sleep. Good luck with the next phase, things are always changing!

  7. My little one struggles with sleep too (and she's turning 6!) She would wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty getting back to sleep :(

  8. We have a firm bedtime routine and my folks are strict! I go to bed at 7:30 and wake at 6:30. Bath, book and bed. Glad he enjoys his sleep too! That's amazing that he's ready for bed at 5:30! Kids and adults can be right grouches without a good nights sleep! Zzzz He seems to be happy with that amount xx

  9. 13 hours are good amount of sleep as he is developing and growing. My little cousin was the same and like you his parents change his room and he couldn't sleep there for a couple of weeks.

  10. it is so important ot set the ground rules for bedtime and much less confusing for them than changing the rules each day - mine always know what is expected of them and unless they are unwell we stick to a routine

  11. My three children are all so different. The eldest is 10, he has severe learning disabilities and loves going to bed. Like you, I have to drag it out but he is regularly in bed by 6.30 playing with toys and asleep by 7.15. Daughter is 7 and she is a night owl, delays bedtime and doesn't sleep till about 9 (8.30 in the school term), youngest daughter is 13 months and her favourite place to sleep is on my face in our bed. Nightmare. She goes to bed ok now but wakes about 4am and won't settle unless she's with me! Bedtime routine is important all round. It makes me feel sane and when she gets in the bath I know it's nearly that time where I can sit down at last! Alice xx

    1. Wow, you have a mixed bunch there. Both my boys had completely different bedtime routines. I'm just so glad there is 11 years between them and we didn't have to juggle their routines at the same time.


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