Harvester - Trentham Lakes Review

We recently visited the Harvester - Trentham Lakes as we were staying close by. The Harvester is located close to a nearby Holiday Inn Express and Stoke FC's football ground, The Britannia Stadium. We have visited Harvester - Trentham Lakes a few times when we have visited Alton Towers, we have never had any problems but I wasn't impressed this visit.

Harvester Trentham Lakes

We arrived at the restaurant about 3:45pm. It was a little earlier than we expected but we headed inside anyway. There were people waiting in front of us but they were shown to their table quite quickly. We had to wait about 5 minutes before we saw a staff member who showed us to our table. We have visited another Harvester quite recently so we had an idea what we wanted. We were ready to order some drinks but no one came to our table I managed to catch a waitress who said she would get someone to take our order. 10 minutes later we managed to order some drinks.

Harvester Trentham Lakes Salad Bar

If you haven't been to a Harvester before, you order a main meal and get unlimited salad from the salad buffet bar for free. We ordered our mains and headed to the salad bar. There is pasta, potato salad and other salad items. I like the salad bar and so do the boys although they usually just have a bread roll.

Harvester Trentham Lakes BBQ Chicken Bacon Stack

The salad was nice and as expected. When our meals arrived they looked great but unfortunately they weren't as nice as they looked. All the main meals came with chips and they were hard. Mine were totally inedible so I didn't eat any of them. Little J's sausage looked uncooked. We did check it and it was hot just not over done. My chicken was also quite wet inside so it put me off. I'm not fan of sending food back so unfortunately I just left it. Both Daddy and Big J ordered no salad on theirs and both came with tomato and lettuce on it.

Once we were ready to order desserts we had been finished for about 15 minutes so had to catch a waitress who said she would send someone over. I explained to our waiter that I had a free dessert code. He said he would be back shortly to take our order? We then waited for a further 10 minutes while he cleared other tables, sorted out a bill, chatted to his colleague and then eventually got back to us. We ordered 3 puddings and again the wait was 20 minutes. We noticed that in this time they had switched staff.

The desserts were delicious but the whole experience wasn't great. I don't mind waiting to be served or for food but this was ridiculous. Also the quality of the food wasn't what it should be.

The bill was just under £50 which included 3 refillable drinks, 2 Chicken and Bacon Burgers, Chicken and Bacon Stack, A child's Sausage and Mash, 2 Rocky Horror Sundaes and 1 Sundae best. I did have a code for a free Rocky Horror Sundae so that had come off the bill.

Really disappointed with our visit to Harvester - Trentham Lakes which is a shame as we usually enjoy Harvester and are regulars at our local.

*I was not asked to write this review - all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. That's such a shame - it always seems even worse to be kept waiting when you aren't there at a busy time, especially when there are kids with you.

  2. Such a shame when you presume that all restaurants in a chain should be serving at the same standard each time you go, and wherever you are.

  3. That sounds awful. I would hate to be waiting so long only to be served food that wasn't to usual standard. So sorry to hear you had that experience. I've only ever been to a Harvester once (Same reason as you, it was close to where we was staying). Ours was really good, it's a shame that some branches put down the name of a chain.

  4. Oh that's too bad your food wasn't nice & service wasn't up to scratch. I find that the service makes all the difference when waiting out. If you need to look for & call a waitress when you need something & it's not easy to get them then it ruins the dining experience. It's good to know that other Harvesters are quite good. x

  5. I have only been to Harvester twice but it was ok when I visited, I am sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience, its a bit cheeky of them to serve you sub-par food.

  6. Oh it's a such a shame that your visit on this occasion didn't live up to your expectations and previous experiences. You would think a big chain like Harvester would have equal levels of service and standards across all restaurants xx

  7. I've never been to a Harvester restaurant, and after reading this I don't think I'll bother. How hard is it to cook chips!

  8. oh what a shame, I have not been to harvesters in a while now but the last time I did it was not too bad. Such a shame about the mains, wish you had told them about it so they could sort it out.

  9. Thats such a shame especially when you have visited before and had a good experience.It would really put me off going again. I don't mind waiting when they are busy but if the staff want to chat they can do that on their breaks! We've eaten in harvesters a couple of times and have had a similar experience. I wouldn't choose to go there now unless we had no other option xx

  10. Ah Michelle that sounds awful. Not a great way to spend a day with the family. Amn't familiar with this restaurant chain, but I'll probably avoid them when I'm in the UK x

  11. That sounds like a terrible experience. There is nothing worse than inedible food, and though I'm loathe to send food back my husband is a great complainer!

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