Flashback Friday 17/04/2015

Although I am not hosting Flashback Friday as a linky anymore I still want to post old photos as I love looking back at photographs and want to share some of our past with you all.

Flashback Photo - Big J's transition from Cot to Bed 2005

I have been looking through old photos of big J when he was younger trying to find out when he moved from the cot to bed. I knew he was a little older than little J because I remember him being in our room till at least two. We had a room for him we just didn't decorate it and I'm not sure why really. At the time we only had two bedrooms so it was our spare room really and became a dumping ground for all sorts. When we finally got round to moving into his own room we did make sure that it was a bed and not the cot.  I was shocked to see that we didn't make the move until he was already 3. I really can't remember if he wasn't showing signs of being ready or whether it was just circumstances that took us so long to make the move. It wasn't easy and he wasn't a good sleeper at all.

We have just moved little J to his own bed and I am hoping he takes to it a little better than his brother did...fingers crossed.

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