What To Buy A Two Year Old

12 March 2015

Little J's birthday is approaching very quickly. i can't believe my little monkey will be two in two weeks. Eek. Where has the time gone?
Ive been browsing some possibilities for presents. There is just so much to choose from, I really don't know where to start. he are a few I've come up with.
Little J loves playing shop so a little Shopping Trolley would be perfect. He loves pushing his pram and trolleys so I know he would have lots of fun with this. It comes complete with 80 pieces of food too so perfect to set up a little shopping area.
Once little J has been shopping he will need somewhere to cook his food. I've found this Large Size Kitchen Set. It comes with lots of accessories, sounds and a real water tap. Great reviews too.

Unfortunately our old trampoline has seen better days and it is time to get a new one. Big j doesn't go on it anymore so I was thinking of downsizing and getting a smaller one for little J. I've found Plum Junior Trampoline and Enclosure and it looks great and perfect for my little monkey.

As you may have seen from my recent posts little J is really loving being outdoors so it would be nice to have a few garden toys that will keep him busy on warmer days. I love this Little Tikes Junior Activity Gym.

Unfortunately this is way out of our price range but I love it. I know little J would too - I may have to browse for a cheaper version Little Tikes Picnic on The Patio Playhouse Natural  

So just a few ideas on what to buy a 2 year old. Do you have any ideas to share?


  1. I love the little kitchen it's so cute, I used to have one similar when I was younger! :D

  2. I love your gifts ideas and I'm sure your little one will enjoy any of those. My little boy loves playing with a shopping trolley and kitchen x

  3. these are just the sort of things we have at Coombe Mill and 2 year olds love it here so I'd say they were spot on. check out ebay for 2nd hand versions.

  4. trampolines are a sure fire hit, we've had ours 4 years and it's still used all the time

  5. Some great ideas for gifts. My granddaughter has a play kitchen, so the shopping cart and food would be perfect for her.


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