Flashback Friday 13/03/15

This weeks flashback actually popped up on my Facebook Timehop and I had to share it here.

This still shocks me now because I honestly do not know how big J gets himself into these situations. The nurse and doctor were convinced there was nothing in there and that it probably had fell out but nope it was in there and the one question I still need to know the answer too is Why? Why on earth did he stick a piece of chewed plastic in his ear??

Why Flashback Friday?
I used to just look through my old photos and post one on my blog on a Friday. I love looking back on old photos and its nice to pop them on here with the story behind the photo. For those that joined in with my Golden Oldies linky last year this is the new link to pop on your old blog posts that you want to share with the world again or if you want just pop on an old photo and tell us about it.

If you want to join in please pop my badge on your blog so others can join in too. 

I will comment on everyones posts and share over on twitter. If you leave a link please make sure you comment on your host's post and at least one other using #FlashbackFriday

Hope you join in and I can't wait to see your Flashbacks.

Mummy 2 Monkeys

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