2:22 A Ghost Story - A Hauntingly Good Time

Disclosure - We were invited along to the press night of 2:22 A Ghost Story

I have always enjoyed going to the theatre and I have mentioned before that although I love musicals we have been exploring different types of shows over the past few years including The Mouse Trap, Wish You Were Dead and Murder In The Dark. They have really opened our eyes to what the theatre can offer and we have really enjoyed the suspense these type of shows create. We recently went to see 2:22 A Ghost Story and had no idea what to expect as we try to avoid any reviews. If you do like to know a little about a show before watching then keep reading our review of 2:22 A Ghost Story at The Lowry.

a man holding up a 2:22 A ghost story theatre programme

Plot and Setting
Set in a modern-day home that feels both familiar and unsettlingly isolated, 2:22 A Ghost Story centres around Jenny and her husband Sam, who have recently moved into a new house. Jenny is convinced that the house is haunted, hearing strange noises every night at 2:22 AM. Sam, a skeptic, dismisses her fears as mere imagination. The tension between belief and skepticism is a central theme of the play.

One night the couple invites their friends Lauren and Ben over for dinner, the conversation inevitably turns to the paranormal. What begins as a casual evening of drinks and debates soon descends into a night of fear and revelation. The play's real-time format keeps the audience on edge, counting down to the 2:22 moment, building anticipation with every tick of the clock.

Characters and Performances
The strength of 2:22 A Ghost Story lies in its characters and the actors' performances. Jenny portrayed by Fiona Wade has a raw vulnerability that makes her fears more realistic. As a new mum it would be easy for the audience to assume she is suffering from lack of sleep however her terrified belief is compelling and believable.

Sam portrayed by George Rainsford is a rational thinker, everything can be explained and does make a good argument when trying to figure out exactly what is happening.  

Lauren and Ben, the couple’s friends, add layers of complexity to the narrative. Lauren portrayed by Vera Chok is more open to the supernatural and acts as an intermediary, bridging the gap between Jenny and Sam's polar beliefs. Ben portrayed by Jay McGuiness has his own experiences with the supernatural and does everything he can to prove Jenny is right. 

The dynamics between these four characters are electric, with sharp, witty dialogue that keeps the audience engaged. The actors' chemistry ensures that each emotional beat hits with full force, making their fear and tension feel immediate and real.

the stage setting for 2:22 A Ghost Story

Direction and Atmosphere
Under the deft direction of Matthew Dunster, the play’s atmosphere is one of constant unease. The set design is brilliantly claustrophobic, with shadows and dim lighting creating a sense of impending dread. Every creak and groan of the house is amplified, turning the setting into a character in its own right.

Sound plays a crucial role in building tension. The use of silence, punctuated by sudden, jarring noises, keeps the audience on edge. The countdown to 2:22 AM is particularly effective, with each passing minute heightening the sense of impending doom.

Our Thoughts
2:22 A Ghost Story explores the human need to make sense of the inexplicable. Jenny’s insistence on the house being haunted stems from a deeper need for answers, a way to rationalise her fears and anxieties. Sam’s refusal to believe is equally telling, a defence mechanism against the chaos that accepting the supernatural would bring into his orderly world.

The play is a masterful blend of psychological drama and supernatural thriller. It captivates with its well-drawn characters, sharp dialogue, and relentless tension. The play doesn’t just scare; it provokes thought, challenging the audience to question their own beliefs about the unknown.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, “2:22 A Ghost Story” will leave you questioning what you think you know and looking over your shoulder long after the final curtain falls. It’s a hauntingly good time that is not to be missed.


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