Everything You Need To Know About Visiting The A'DAM Lookout, Amsterdam

When I was researching things to do with the kids in Amsterdam, A'DAM lookout looked like the perfect attraction for us and I was not wrong. One of Amsterdams popular tourist attractions for kids, A'DAM Lookout will give you panoramic views of Amsterdam from 100 metres in the air. 

A'DAM Lookout Entrance

A'DAM Lookout, Overhoeksplein 5, 1031 KS Amsterdam
Just 20 seconds in a lift with a cool light show and then you are 100 metres in the air ready to enjoy views of Amsterdam. Whether you prefer to enjoy the sights from the inside or outside viewing platform you will be able to see the whole city and more. 

view from A'DAM Lookout

view from A'DAM Lookout

What To Expect When Visiting A'DAM Lookout
As mentioned A'DAM Lookout is an observation tower that stands 100 metres above the city of Amsterdam. Although the observation deck both inside and outside are the main attraction A'DAM Lookout does have more to offer including Over The Edge swing and Amsterdam VR ride which makes it one of Amsterdams popular tourist attractions for kids. 

Your visit starts with a 20 seconds lift ride up to the 20th floor of A'DAM Tower. The lift has an amazing light and sound show so don't forget to look up. 

boy using a telescope

360º Sky Deck
Whether you choose to view the city from inside or outside you will not be disappointed with the views the 360º Sky Deck has to offer. There are telescopes dotted around so that you can get a closer look at the Amsterdam skyline. 

over the edge swing at A'DAM Lookout

Over The Edge Swing
Over The Edge gives you the opportunity to swing back and forth 100 metres above Amsterdam. It looks like an amazing attraction and is actually Europe's Highest Swing.

We were all prepared to swing over the edge on top of the A'DAM Lookout however the day we chose to go up the tower it was so windy. Although the wind didn't put off some visitors we couldn't do it. I have to say the visitors who went on were so brave because the wind was crazy!

boy and man on a VR ride

Amsterdam VR Ride – The Ultimate Rollercoaster Experience
VR's are so popular amongst the young ones at the moment and Amsterdam VR Ride gives you the ultimate rollercoaster experience letting you race around the city seeing all the sights as you go. 

Both John and Little J went on and they really enjoyed seeing the sights of Amsterdam from a rollercoaster. 

Panorama Restaurant at A'DAM Lookout

burger and fries

Food and Drink
Food and Drink is available at A'DAM Lookout from the rooftop bar and also the Panorama Restaurant on the 20th floor. It offers a wide range of meals, snack and drinks. 

We hadn't planned to eat at A'DAM Lookout however there was a really nice atmosphere in the restaurant we decided to grab our dinner there. 

The food was lovely and we enjoyed the views as we ate. It was reasonably priced however if we had of known beforehand we could have bought a combi ticket but I'll put more about that below. 

Unfortunately the rooftop bar wasn't open probably due to the high winds. 

model of A'DAM Lookout

Opening Hours
The A'DAM Lookout is open 10am-10pm every day with last admission at 9pm.

Booking online is not essential however you will get a discount if you book in advance. Like I said earlier you only need to choose a date and your ticket will be valid for the whole day so you can pop in anytime. 

There are so many combinations of tickets so check the tickets page on A'DAM Lookout for tickets that best suit what you are looking for. 

We bought just tickets however we could have saved money if we had purchased Lookout and Burger combi ticket. 

How To Get There
We were staying in the city centre of Amsterdam and could access the A'DAM Lookout in a variety of ways. 

You can either walk, tram or metro to Amsterdam Central. Once at Amsterdam Central make your way to the ferry port which is a few minutes walk to behind the station. Then you take the ferry. This is free and there is a ferry every few minutes. The ferry ride is extremely short and once you get off the ferry you can see A'DAM Lookout on your left. 

A'DAM Sign

Tips For Your Visit
Lots of fun for all ages but kids will love it and it's definitely one of Amsterdams popular tourist attractions for kids.

Book online before you visit. You just need to book a date and your ticket is valid any time that day. 

There are lockers available on the 20th floor

There is a short movie about the history of the tower in the cinema room. It is free to enter. 

You cannot book a table in the restaurant however there were plenty of seats.

Don't miss out on using the telescopes, they are free and really good. 

Definitely make time for the panorama restaurant, even if just a drink. It's got great views and a lovely atmosphere. 

There is small smoking area on the rooftop observation deck should you need it. 

Great photo opportunity on the observation deck with the A'DAM sign.

If you're feeling brave definitely try Over the Edge. We were all gutted the wind so crazy. 

Our Thoughts
We absolutely loved our visit to the A'DAM Lookout. Our visit was around 2 hours which included visiting both the inside and outside observations decks, enjoying a meal and riding the VR rollercoaster. I do think we would have stayed longer if the weather was nicer. I think we would have enjoyed the outside deck more and had a drink or two. I can understand why it's one of Amsterdams popular tourist attractions for kids as little J loved it. It was such a shame we didn't feel brave enough to ride the swing but maybe next time!

A'DAM Lookout

You can find out more about A'DAM Lookout by visiting their website and you can click to see our A'DAM Lookout highlights over on Instagram.

If you are looking to visit A'DAM Lookout you won't be disappointed and if you want any more info send us a message on our socials.


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