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They really do say that there is no better way to see Amsterdam than from a canal cruise. For those that don't know Amsterdam has 3 main canals but the city actually has over 160 in total. We knew before we booked our trip to Amsterdam that we wanted to do a canal cruise but we wanted to make sure that we chose one that was a family friendly Amsterdam Canal Cruise. After lots of research we found Stromma who organise a variety of sightseeing and tourist attraction excursions. We chose the Pizza Cruise Amsterdam and it was perfect. 

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Pizza Cruise Amsterdam, Stromma Damrak - Pier 5
Eating delicious pizza and experiencing a boat tour through the famous Amsterdam canals? It’s possible at the Amsterdam Pizza Cruise!

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What To Expect When On Board Pizza Cruise, Amsterdam
Choosing a pizza cruise was a no brainer for us. Boat rides aren't very appealing to little J however if you add in pizza he'll happily come along. The evening cruise gives you the chance to relax on board, sightsee and have your dinner too. 

The Pizza Cruise is a 75 minutes boat tour along the canals. Upon arrival at the pier you check in and let the staff member know which choice of pizza you would like. 

Once on board you choose a vacant table and get yourself comfortable for the next 1hr 15 mins. There were two waiters onboard the boat, a captain and a training captain. Once everyone was onboard they all introduced themselves and we started to pull away from the pier. 

Drinks on board are included within the price and are unlimited. There is a choice of beer, wine or soft drinks. 

Whilst sailing the captain is supposed to point out some of the city's highlights and tell you all there is to know about them however no one spoke on our cruise which was slightly disappointing. We did have a map of the city on our table but it was hard to know exactly where we were. At one point the waitress did point out Anne Frank's house, but that was it. 

Looking back it was actually nice to just sit, relax and chat amongst ourselves whilst taking in the views and enjoying unlimited drinks. 

After about 30 minutes the boat stopped and the two waiters left the boat to go and grab our pizza. It took about 10 minutes to collect and then they handed us our chosen flavours. 

The pizzas are from New York Pizza which are dotted around Amsterdam.

You could choose from 
Chilli Chicken
Californian Veggie

The boat then restarted and we finished our tour whilst enjoying our 'huge' pizzas.

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Opening Hours
The Pizza Cruise departs at 18:00. The boat departs from Stromma Damrak, Pier 5.

The price is currently €38.50 per person and includes the 75 minute cruise, pizza and unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks.

How To Get There
Stromma Damrak, Pier 5 is situated in the heart of Amsterdam City Centre just 5 minute walk from Dam Square and Amsterdam Central Station

view from canal boat in Amsterdam

Tips For Your Visit
Arrive early so you can join the queue to board. We were lucky to get a table to ourselves but some did have to share a table for 6. 

After your first drink don't be afraid to ask for another. Some people didn't ask and were not given another till after the pizza was served. It's unlimited so make sure you get your money's worth. 

If you want to see Anne Frank's house sit on the left of the boat. 

There is a toilet on board however this wasn't pointed out to us. 


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Our Thoughts
We really enjoyed the Pizza Cruise. It was a relaxing and entertaining 75 minutes see Amsterdam from the canals. The pizza's were delicious and there were a great choice of drinks. As I said our captain unfortunately didn't tell us about the sights but it didn't ruin the cruise for us. We enjoyed just watching the world go by. 

For more information visit Stromma


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