August 2021 | Looking Back

I said last month that August will fly by and before we know it the kids will be back at school and yes, I was right. Days, weeks and even months can drag sometimes when you are in work however as soon as you are off they whizz past. I really can't complain as we had an absolutely brilliant Summer and it has probably been my favourite Summer for a long time. 

standing in front of the disneyland paris castle

toy story land disneyland paris

One of my favourite memories from this Summer was booking a very last minute to Disneyland Paris. It had been about 18 months since we visited a Disney park and as soon as they announced that France had been removed from amber plus we booked. It was the best Disneyland Paris holiday I think we have ever had. Everything went so smoothly and although we had to wear masks and the castle is under refurbishment it was every bit as magical as I remembered

hotel cheyenne

We tend to visit Disneyland Paris around Christmas time so it was nice to enjoy the parks in just t-shirts rather than jumpers, coats, hats and scarves. We stayed in Hotel Cheyenne which is the only Disney hotel we hadn't stayed in before so it was a nice experience.

hyper space mountain

This visit was the first time that little J went on every ride we did except for Indiana Jones. He was so brave and went on Hyper Space Mountain and The Tower of Terror.

We had a truly amazing time and it was just what we needed. 

jumping in to a foam pit

We visited quite a few indoor play centres this month including Flip Out, Kick Air and our local soft play. We love visiting indoor play centres, they are perfect for wet days, to burn off any extra energy and to spend time with friends. 

legoland discovery centre

legoland discovery centre

John and big J were in and out of work all month so I had planned a few days out just for little J and I. We went to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester followed by a visit to Sealife which is just next door.

sealife centre

As Merlin Pass holders we can visit the attractions throughout the year as and when we want however I still prebook our tickets as they can sell out very quickly. 

John and I enjoyed just one date day this month but it was a good one. We headed to Breakout which is our favourite escape room. We chose Detectives Office and we did manage to escape with just over a minute to go. 

salthouse dock

albert dock

afternoon tea

We then hopped aboard The Floating Grace for afternoon tea and a cruise around the docks in Liverpool. I love afternoon tea and John had found this unique experience and it was a lovely way to spend a few hours. The food was delicious and the sights were stunning. 

dinosaur trail

A few years ago we did a trail around Blackburn looking for Lego Paw Patrol models and it was one of our favourite days out that Summer. This year it was back so we headed back to Blackburn but this time we enjoyed the Brickosaurs Brick Trail looking for huge dinosaurs. It was lots of fun. 

pennington flash

pennington flash

pennington flash

pennington flash

We headed outside quite a few times this month however a highlight was Pennington Flash. It's advertised as a 2 mile walk around the flash (like a large lake) however it was about 7km for us but I think we may have took a few wrong turns. We reached the Liverpool Leeds Canal which was lovely to walk along. We actually saw a boat going past which little J loved as the captain waved at him. 

The walk itself wasn't tough however there were parts were we had to improvise as the path was muddy or blocked off completely but it all adds to the fun I suppose. 

In Other News

I was really stressing about back to school shopping however it went really well and we got everything in just one trip. 

I've started planning our days out for Halloween and Christmas. Things sell out so fast so you have to be very early. 

Big J headed to Creamfields for the weekend. It's his first festival but he was very excited as well as nervous but had an amazing time. 

Our paddling pool didn't really get much use this year compared to last year. It's not been that warm at all however we managed to get it out over the bank holiday weekend which was fun. 

How was your Summer?


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