Tatton Park Farm

3 June 2021

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Another planned visit for us this month to Tatton Park but it was the first time that we’ve been able to visit the farm. The farm reopened on the 17th of May and is another reason why we love Tatton Park. The farm which is setback away from the main courtyard and gardens has its own pathway leading to the farm entrance. You can reach the farm by walking, taking the land train or by car if you wish to park in the disabled bays. The land train is chargeable each way and stops at the farm and children's playground, every 20 minutes. 

Boy looking at a goat

Booking is preferred when visiting as it allows the farm to control the amount of visitors per day however we did see a family allowed entry as numbers were low at the time of our visit.  Entrance to the farm is via the shop and once inside you’ll be greeted by donkeys and an introduction video showing what to expect on your visit. 

donkeys on the farm

Once on the farm you can explore the area including a visit to the horses, goats and chickens. The horses will be the first to greet you on your visit to the farm including 21-year-old Blossom.

As always the goats provide lots of entertainment. They love to come up close for a stroke and it is fun watching them play on their climbing frame. You will spot some cheeky ones poking their heads through the fences and jumping up too. You will also find some cows and pigs on the farm too.

Tatton Park Woodland Playground

Tatton Park Woodland Playground

Tatton Park Woodland Playground

Once you’ve made your way past the animals you can head towards the playground area. It's a woodland playground that has lots of different climbing obstacles for the children to complete. It's set out like a trail from start to finish and has balance beams and rope climbing areas to complete.

Cost onto the farm for all visitors including National Trust members is a  £8 for adults and £6 per child. Concessions and family tickets are also available at a discounted rate.

There are lots of picnic benches around for you to enjoy a picnic and there are snacks available in the gift shop. There are two sets of toilets one by the main entrance and one just before you head to the children’s playground.

boy stroking a goat
boy at tatton park farm

Most of the ground is cobbled stones and I did see a few people struggling to push a pram around however when we left I noticed some people had left their prams near the shop. 

Estimated time on the farm does depend on how long you spend in each area but I would think no more than an hour and a half.

We recently visited Tatton Park to complete the Percy the Park Keeper Trail in the gardens which finishes on June 13th. We will be heading back to the farm soon when the new Percy the Park Keeper Treasure Trail lands on 20th of June 2021.
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