Changing Our Colour Scheme To Match The Seasons

14 June 2021

Last October we decided that we would start to change our colour scheme in our living room to match the seasons. We bought lots of oranges and browns for Autumn, red was the perfect colour for Christmas and for Spring we chose yellow. Supermarkets and other shops that have a homeware department are the perfect place to look and you can usually buy most of the items in one place. When it came to Summer I wasn't too sure what colour to choose but we went for pink and grey. 

living room

There are two main focus points in our living room, the fireplace and the walls. We have a rug in front of the fireplace so that sets the tone for the room. Our walls are quite big so we need large pictures or art to fill the spaces so they don't look bare. We found some lovely prints online at Desenio that not only matched our new Summer colour scheme but are personal to us too. 

Desenio was founded in 2010 and has grown over the years to now have an online presence in 33 countries. The idea behind the brand is to offer stylish wall art at affordable prices. 

As well as wall art you can also add Desenio frames, hangars, picture ledges and clips to suit your needs.

Whilst browsing Desenio I looked through the maps and cities section. There are a few places that are special to us and I was hoping that I could find a print of New York and Paris. New York is where we got married and Paris is one of our favourite cities as it's home to Disneyland Paris the most magical place on Earth

Paris in Bloom

New York in Bloom

When I found the New York in Bloom picture it was just a perfect fit. It has a lovely Summer feel, it's pink and it's New York. I then found Blooming Paris which is a similar colour scheme with the Eiffel Tower in the background. 

gallery wall tool from Desenio

These were perfect and I knew they would go together well and match our colour scheme. If I was unsure I could use the Gallery Walls tool. This is perfect for those who don't have an eye for what things may look like. You start the by choosing a background. Our pictures are going above the sofa so I chose the sofa background. You can then choose how many pictures you wish to hang in the space and the sizes. I could then added my chosen prints and the tool showed me how it would look. You then have the choice to add frames to your order giving you a choice of colours. You can select the different colour frames to see which suits your print better. Once you are ready you can add to cart ready for you to purchase. 

Desenio Wall Art

The Desenio prints arrived swiftly and match the colour scheme perfectly. We have ordered some different prints too so we can swap after a few months but for now I love seeing our two favourite cities in bloom in our living room. 

Do you change your colour scheme to match the seasons?



  1. Such beautiful prints and makes me feel like it is summer time. I love changing my interior decor and colours to match with the season too

  2. Those pictures look lovely and I like the idea of using pictures to bring in different colours depending on the seasons.

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous! I particularly love the Blooming Paris one, absolutely breathtaking! Some great additions to the room!

  4. Since here we live in a rented house, we aren't allowed to change the colours of walls and all. But, yes, I do decorate my home as per the seasons and festivals. I'll have to check out Desenio site's collection 👌🏻

    Everything Enchanting

  5. That's so fun that you change with the seasons. I mostly only swap out for Christmas. I should more often!

  6. This is such a great idea on how to give a new light to the living room by using prints. I never thought about changing the centre piece on the wall behind the couch, which is pretty autumny.

  7. Jess Howliston15 June 2021 at 09:53

    I love the prints you chose they are so pretty and definitely summer vibes for sure! I love the idea of using pictures etc to change your decor with the seasons and might have to check out Desenio for filling some of my own blank walls!

  8. Loving the simple shades and those prints look so nice. I love Paris so this is right up my street for sure x

  9. We don't do many changes to the main decor I just add things out for the seasons. So we have Autumn and Christmas decor, and then I have some summer dried flowers I swap out. But I love the pink and grey, some very pretty prints you picked x

  10. I've not really changed our color scheme to match seasons before as I don't tend to have much time or space. We only change decor or at least add at Halloween and Christmas.

  11. I do this too! It's a quick and easy way to mix things up for the different seasons.


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