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Most schools require children to wear a uniform. The school uniform usually includes the school emblem or particular colours that represent the school. Some schools insist on a formal uniform, where a blazer and tie must be worn at all times, however most schools adopt a more casual approach; like a T-shirt with the school logo. There are many reasons why a uniform is important at school and you may be surprised to learn that a school uniform offers a number of benefits too. I have collaborated with an independent school in Taunton to explore some of these benefits.

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School Uniform Improves Safety
One of the main reasons that schools require children to wear uniform is student safety. A uniform helps teachers to easily identify their students on a school trip or spot an intruder on the school premises. In addition, school uniform reduces the risk of students becoming victims of crime when wearing expensive designer clothing or jewellery.

School Uniform Supports Learning
Many educational experts and studies agree that having a school uniform policy helps to create a better educational environment. This is because it helps students to focus on what they are learning, instead of being distracted by what others are wearing or bringing into school.

School Uniform Reduces Bullying
Allowing children to wear their own clothing to school can lead to bullying. However, when all children are dressed in the same uniform, there is less competition about who has the best outfit or who is wearing the most expensive brand. School uniform helps children to focus on character rather than appearance.

School Uniform is Cost Effective
School uniform helps parents to save money by not having to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Families typically purchase uniform for their children at the beginning of each school year. This is because school uniforms are made to last, using durable materials that can withstand daily wear and tear.

School Uniform is Time Saving
Having a school uniform helps to reduce the time it takes for your children to get ready for school. If they had to choose a different outfit every day, you would have a lot of late mornings! A uniform not only reduces stress for parents, but it also helps to reduce the pile of washing you have at the end of the week.

School Uniform Builds Team Spirit
Finally, when students go on school trips or visit other schools, they are representing the school they belong to with their uniform. This creates a sense of pride. By encouraging children to wear a school uniform it will help to build a strong team spirit.

I actually can't believe we will be buying September uniform soon. I feel like they haven't even been back that long.


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