Children's Stories Perfect For Autumn

5 October 2020

Disclosure - Some of the books in this post have been previously gifted. This post contains affiliate links. 

Last week we updated little J's book shelf with lots of stories perfect for Autumn. Each night he picks one for us to read before bed. Little J has a huge collection of books and I love that we are able to keep updating and rotating his books for all seasons and collections.  

Autumn Books on a book shelf

Alfie Outdoors Book
Alfie gets out and about in the garden with Dad, in this glorious book about growing, playing and sharing.

Seeds are planted; the carrots are going to be a gift for a special friend of Alfie's. But there are suprises in store...

Shirley Hughes is the creator of the bestselling, best-loved, Dogger.

You're Too Small Book
Tad is a little mouse living on a farm. He wants to help other animals with their chores, but they all told him that he's too small. But when he returns to the barn to sleep, he finds his friends are all locked out. Being small is not so bad after all.

A little bit worried book
When Weasel is caught in a big, angry storm, he builds a fortress to hide in. But then he meets Mole, who loves to play in the wind and splash in the rain. Can Weasel learn to overcome his fears and find joy, whatever the weather?

A perfect story for worriers big and small.

Kiss Good Night Sam
It was a dark and stormy night on Plum Street. In the little white house, Mrs. Bear was putting Sam to bed.

Outside, the wind blows and the rain comes down. Inside, it is Sam's bedtime. Mrs. Bear reads him a story, tucks him in, and brings him warm milk. "Are you ready now, Sam?" she asks. "I'm waiting," he says. What else does Sam need before he'll go to sleep? Could Mrs. Bear have forgotten a kiss?
The Nutty Nut Chase
When a shiny brown nut pops out of the ground, it looks so delicious that everybody wants to eat it. Badger decided that there will be a race ans the winner will get the nut. But the race soon turns into a nutty nut chase!
Moon Book
Have you ever wondered why the moon shines in the night-time sky? As the moon waxes and wanes above, the world below is full of busy night-time creatures; from turtles laying their eggs on white sandy beaches, to migrating birds using the moon to navigate their way to sunnier climes. Turn the peek-through pages to see the moon change shape as it goes through the lunar cycle. 

Animal Homes
Welcome to the wonderful world of animal homes, incredible habitats where creatures rest high above our heads, and where burrowing beasts dig deep into the earth below our feet. Lift the flaps in this beautifully illustrated book to uncover some astonishing homes and the animals that live within.

You and Me Little Bear
While Big Bear works, Little Bear patiently plays his bear games all by himself. What he really wants, though, is for Big Bear to play with him. Will his wish ever come true?

Tom Rabbit
Tom Rabbit is Sammy's soft-toy rabbit. He is happy with Sammy. But one evening Sammy takes Tom Rabbit out to the back field to see the real rabbits - and leaves him on the wall. The sun sets and the moon rises, and dozens of wild rabbits appear. But just as Tom Rabbit thinks he's been abandoned for the night, Sammy appears and carries Tom Rabbit back home to bed.

Harris Finds His Feet
Harris was a very small hare with very big feet. 'Why do I have such enormous feet, Grandad?' Harris sighed. So Grandad shows Harris how to hop high into the sky, to climb to the tops of the mountains, and to run very fast. Harris not only learns about the world around him but also the importance of finding his own feet.

We're Going On A Bear Hunt
Follow and join in the family's excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!

Tales of the Forest
The forest is full of life. As the seasons change, climb trees with Bear Cub, explore the night skies with Firefly, stay cozy underground with Mole and discover snowflakes with Fox!

Guess how much I love you in Autumn
“I’m a box monster!” shouted the box. Little Nutbrown Hare loves chasing the leaves in the autumn wind – especially when a big surprise blows his way. Seasonally themed and beautifully illustrated throughout, little ones will enjoy the light-hearted ruse that Little Nutbrown Hare plays on Big Nutbrown Hare, and seeing that two can play that game! This is one of a four-part series featuring the seasons – collect them all!

I love seeing all the Autumn stories and colours on his bookshelf. It won't be long before I need to update it to Halloween but for now we are going to enjoy this seasons stories.



  1. I have not read most of these, my daughter used to love her books and stories at bedtime. I l am going to have to get some of these for my grandchildren

  2. What a lovely selection of books. We always had lots of Christmas books but never thought about the other seasons.

    We are going on a bear hunt is a firm favourite though and always makes me feel autumnal x

  3. What a fabulous selection of books to cwtch up and read aloud at bedtime! We're Going On A Bear Hunt was a favourite of my daughter's when she was younger! Sim x

  4. My son had the original Guess How Much I Love You. The book is lovely and I can imagine this one is too. You and Me Little Bear looks gorgeous too.Children's books are illustrated so beautifully

  5. Those all sound like great choices for children for fall reading. I think it's so important to encourage reading to small children, finding fun topics helps with that.

  6. This is a lovely selection of children's books. Love the illustrations too! I always loved a trip to the library as a kid.

  7. What a fabulous selection of books for Autumn - we have some of those on our bookshelves too and the kids really enjoy them.

  8. These books are so adorable. I love that so many of them have a hidden message within them as well to teach kids a lesson or about life x

  9. Some lovely book suggestions here! This year I have decided to get books instead as our Christmas presents for close family and will be using your book recommendations

  10. I love Autumn and my children love being out and about in it. I need to find some suitable books to read with them too.

  11. Oh my goodness, these are all so gorgeous. I love getting new books for our daughter and swapping and changing out stories for the time of year. I love the look of all of these.

  12. Love these books. It's great you'll be putting a different selection on his bookshelf for different season. There are some great Halloween books available.

  13. Oh Alfie! What a classic, as well as We're Going On A Bear Hunt. They're such lovely stories, aren't they? We update the bookshelves seasonally too, so I might look at adding some new titles this year. Thanks for the recommendations!


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