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Disclosure - The gift card used in this giveaway is a combination of cards I have been paid with in the past. Unfortunately you cannot use them online for grocery shopping.

Asda Gift Card

Last week was the first time since March that I have stepped inside a supermarket. We usually get our shopping delivered each week anyway as a delivery pass holder so that just continued throughout lockdown. I was quite nervous visiting as I had heard stories that the queues were huge and the shops inside were so busy but it was actually okay.

There was a queue outside but it wasn't huge. There was a staff member at the front of the store letting customers in. I think it was a one in one out system. When it was our turn we grabbed a small trolley and headed inside. There was plenty of hand gel and wipes for trollies and baskets.

Once inside it wasn't much different than usual except there is a one way system around the shop with arrow markings on the floor telling you which aisles you can go up or down on.

There are plastic screens around the checkouts now just in front of the cashier and till. You can still load your shopping on to the conveyor belts and pay as normal. When we left I didn't notice any hand gel for on the way out but we had wipes in the car anyway.

Overall I thought it was well organised. Some people didn't follow the one way system at all but as long as you stick to it you can shop as normal.

Will I be rushing back to do a weekly shop? Probably not but I definitely will feel more comfortable now  if I need to pop in for milk or bread, as I know what to expect.

How have you found shopping during this time? Is your local supermarkets well organised?

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