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Club Sandwich and French's Mustard
 Due to bad weather and sickness we haven't left the house much this week. All our plans were cancelled but we have tried to make the most of it by trying something new everyday. The boys love helping out in the kitchen, making their own lunches and snacks. We have made lots of different lunches this week but today has been their favourite. We all decided to make our very own club sandwich. You will usually find a Club Sandwich on lunch menus in pubs and restaurants and I'm not exactly sure what the ingredients should be as they vary from place to place so we decided to create our own perfect club sandwich using Frenchs Mustard.

Making a Club Sandwich and French's Mustard
 Finding ingredients for your club sandwich is easy just head to your local supermarket.


3 pieces of seeded granary bread
Tortilla Chips
Frenchs Mustard
Skewer (to hold the bread in place)

Making a Club Sandwich and French's Mustard
Making a Club Sandwich and French's Mustard

1. Butter the 3 pieces of bread with low fat margarine, butter or light mayo, whatever works best for you.

2. Lay the bread out flat and on one piece of bread layer ham, turkey and lettuce.

3. Place the second piece of bread on top and repeat the layers of ham, turkey and lettuce.

4. Top with Frenchs Mustard.

5. Place the third piece of bread on top.

6. Cut diagonally. Cutting the bread in to triangles isn't necessary but I think it looks nicer.

7. Place a skewer through the sandwich to hold the bread and ingredients in place.

8. Enjoy with tortilla chips, skinny fries or just eat on its own.

Making a Club Sandwich and French's Mustard
Instead of lettuce the boys topped their sandwich with tortilla chips although John and I had the chips on the side and used the mustard as a dip. We haven't used mustard as a dip before but it was actually really tasty and gave the chips a little kick. Next time I think we will sprinkle in some paprika too.

What ingredients would you use in your perfect club sandwich?



  1. Oh I really fancy giving this a go actually. The crust less bread that kingsmill do is allowed on slimming world and it’s 3 slices so perfect for a club sandwich.

    Thank you for the weekend inspiration x

  2. I like to mix the mustard with mayo and use it as a dip for chips and crudities. Frenches is iconic and can't be beat. Mich x

  3. Hands up I absolutely love a good sandwich and this sounds delicious. It sounds like the perfect one to put together for lunch!

  4. For me it would be veggie bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions and tomato ketchup

  5. I was never a mustard fan growing up, But over the last few years I've really started to love it. I had some at lunch when I made my own salad dressing.

  6. I love a good sandwich, although I only use mayo. Hubby and my Mom both like mayo so I know they'd be up for trying it this way.

  7. We love French Mustard and have it with everything from sandwiches to hot dogs so will be surely serving your club sandwich next week for lunch with friends come over.

  8. I like a splash of chilli sauce in my sandwich with lots of tomato and cheese.

  9. Your club sandwich looks so tasty! I have never really thought of adding mustard to a sandwich before but I bet its actually a lovely addition, giving the sandwich that extra "bite"! I think I will have a go at making our own club sandwiches with the kids this weekend! Thanks for sharing! x

  10. i would use bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce and tomato sauce! x

  11. For me Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, love it


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