Swinging In To The Half Term Break | Living Arrows 7/52 (2020)

We've made it through the first half term of 2020. We were definitely ready for a break from work and school, especially little J who has been working hard practising for his end of term assembly and also for his SATS in May.

This weekend we headed to the beach during Storm Dennis which wasn't the best idea however we did get a few hours on the sand and play area before the wind, rain and hail started.

The play area was really modern and there was a roundabout that was suitable for wheelchair users which I have not seen before. There was a large slide although there was a huge puddle at the bottom, a big climbing frame and a few sets of swings. Little J loved the swings. I am usually quite anxious around swings with the fear he may tumble off backwards but the swing reminded me of a plastic car seat which a nice high back. Little J must have felt safe and secure on them as he wanted to be pushed higher and higher and I felt okay watching him and didn't feel like he was going to fly off.

We have quite a few plans for half term and looking forward to lots of fun times outside and also some PJ days in front of the TV.

How are you spending your half term?


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  1. I used to love going to the park and the beach with the kids now I take my granddaughter

  2. Glad to hear you got outside for a bit despite the storm. I hope you've managed to have an enjoyable half term too :) #LivingArrows

  3. I'm seeing more and more of these swings - they're such a good idea! So pleased you had a good time despite the storm x

  4. We also had a stormy half term. Managed to get out to the park for an hour or so, then spent the rest of the time either doing crafts or watching films.


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