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7 December 2019

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Children bedroom focussing on a lampshade
Your child’s bedroom should be an environment where they feel safe, secure and comfortable; a place where they can play freely, enjoy bedtime stories and sleep soundly. If the room is dark and dingy, it’s wise to find some ways to brighten up the space for them. The décor and lighting plays a huge role in the overall ambiance of the room, so be sure to put some thought into it to make the most of your efforts.

If there’s a dark corner in the room, a floor lamp is a great option because they are both functional and decorative. This will allow you to add an element of personality into the room and make a statement. Many people appreciate the flexibility of a floor lamp because they are easy to move around.

Unless your child’s room is particularly small, you will need to incorporate different types of lighting, like ceiling lights and lamps. Layering the lighting in this way will allow your child to use the room in lots of different ways. For instance, if they like to read before bed, they can use their lamp. If they have a desk and they need to do their homework, they’ll be able to use the bright ceiling lights. You might also want to install a dimmer switch for the ceiling lights to give your youngster more control over the level of brightness in their room.

Make sure you don’t install any lighting directly above your child’s bed because it won’t be pleasant on their eyes if they’re lying down and the lights are on. Soft and subtle lighting is a better option because they’ll be gentler on your child when they’re getting up for school in the mornings.

There are lots of other ways to brighten up your child’s room; colourful curtains, bedding or even a rug will go a long way to improving the ambiance in the room. All it takes is a little forethought and creativity and you’ll have yourself a stunning room that the whole family can be proud of.


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